November 4, 2010

The Little White House: Color and Carpet and Cabinets

I promised these several days ago and my dad called me this morning to remind me to post them! It's so hard to get a true idea of colors so I'm going to write the brand and name of each paint with the website so you can look it up if you so desire. (I tried to copy the colors from the websites but can't figure out how to do that.)

We used Glidden paint in the bedrooms.

Our room is Soothing Green Tea.

The girls' room is Buttercup. It turned out a lot more yellow than I had anticipated! A couple of people have told me that yellows are hard to pick. It is very cheery in there. I was concerned that the light carpet might just reflect the yellow but I think it actually tones it down a little.

The other small bedroom which will be the playroom/office is painted in Celery Stick. No carpet in there yet -- they ran out on Saturday and had to order another piece, so that is supposed to be installed this afternoon. Also since these were taken the closet has been painted.

The kitchen, living room, and hallway are painted with Valspar paint. The kitchen is Copper Hide and is by far my favorite color in the whole house. The cabinet color is Cake Batter and originally I planned to paint all the trim in house that color. However, once I saw it going on the cabinets it was just too pinky/peachy for trim color so I bought Muslin Wrap for that.
 FIL did a fantastic job on the floor! It looks really pretty.
 And he and BIL2 installed the base cabinets the other day! I'm excited about that. Progress!

My Man bought the countertop so will work on installing that and the sink and the dishwasher probably this weekend.

Here is the living room in Ginger Bite. To be honest, it turned out quite a bit more orange-y than I thought. I do like it but it takes some getting used to for a living room color. It is very warm and bright and I think once we get window treatments up and furniture in there it will look fine.

When we went to the house right after the carpet was installed My Man and the Boogie just laid on the floor for a while. I'm sure it is the first time of many -- we love to sit and lay and play on the floor. 

We're getting closer and closer to being able to move in. The bedrooms are pretty much finished, except for window trim and baseboards in the biggest one, so I might start getting some toys and things unpacked in the playroom this weekend. That way I can go over and work on other rooms while the girls play. That's my theory, anyway!


Kali said...

It's all coming together very nicely! I like all of the color choices, especially the greens.

joy said...

Those are great pictures, but they don't do the colors justice! The colors look just fantastic in person!

Jersey Mama said...

Thanks! I know the camera doesn't capture the true colors. I have such a hard time getting good color pics. I guess everyone will just HAVE to come visit and see them in person!

Katina said... guys are going like looks awesome! I LOVE all the colors! They are awesome...great job picking them out. Picking out colors can be so tricky but it looks like you nailed it (no pun intended). :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I want to come stand in your kitchen when it's all finished. Everything looks lovely and if nothing else.....the NAMES of the paint colors you chose are full of whimsy. I want to paint the outside of our house Buttercup now!