November 3, 2010

Words From The Small One

Hi! I'm the Phebis.

I am smallish and cute.

I have two ears that stick out a little, and two blue eyes, and two teeth.

I like to growl and shriek and squeal.

I say "Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" and "mum-mum-mum."

When those tall people put me in the walker I can go all over the place. My favorite things are the dishwasher and the trash can. I can't reach the dishes yet but my arms are growing. I like to shake the trash bag and try to get things out of it. I have to be quick, though, because those tall people take it away. Meanies.

Sometimes the tall people give me something small and purple that they call a binkie. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it but it feels good to chew on. It squeaks.

I love my pink soft blankie with the silky edges. My mama doesn't want me to get attached to it but I think I might anyway. It feels good against my face and I like to hold it while I suck my thumb and go to sleep. My mama tries to give me burpies but they don't feel as good. Maybe if they had soft silky edges ...

Sometimes those tall people put me in the jumperoo and I jump and jump and jump until I'm all worn out! Sometimes my sister stands in front of me and jumps too, and that's even more fun.

Speaking of my sister, here she is. She likes to hold me. I pretend to let her.

She's a pretty good big sister. She gives me the toys I drop off the walker and pushes me around in it and rolls around on the bed with me. She makes me laugh and I make her laugh too!

We're not allowed to play together today because she is sick. But when she gets better I will touch her face and grab a handful of her hair and put it in my mouth. That's what I like to do.

I like to eat puffs. I also like to eat applesauce. Those tall people keep trying to make me eat rice cereal but I'm wise to them. I think they are going to try sweet potatoes but we'll see about that.

I can sit up by myself for a few minutes at a time. I can get up on my hands and knees and rock and rock and rock and lunge. I roll a lot too.

Watch out, world! I'm Phebis and I'm learning and growing more every day!

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Abby said...

aww... they are so cute