May 29, 2011

Still Here

I miss posting. It seems that there are so many other things to do and then before I know it the day is over and it's bedtime again. I feel like I'm missing out on recording all of the cute things the girls are doing. The Boogie still says funny things daily, and Phebis cracks us up a lot, too.

The other night the Boogie got down on the floor, pulled her shirt up to show her belly, and said sadly, "I hope I have a liver."

I asked her where her cup was and she said, "I don't know. IDK! D-K means 'don't know'." She can speak texting lingo before she can type ... or dial a phone for that matter (gotta work on the phone-dialing skills.)

On a recent walk around the block we came up to a sign that said "Don't Be a Litterbug." Every time we go past it she asks what it says, so this time I said, "Don't be a ..." and paused to let her finish it. "Sinner?" she asked.

She acquired a seashell from somewhere and showed it to Eric tonight. "Isn't it divine?" she asked him.

Yesterday was beautiful and after dinner we went on a long walk. "Just think," I said, "maybe this time next year we will be walking a dog."
"Next week?" the Boogie got all excited.
"No, no, not next week. Maybe next year, when you are five and Pheeboo is two."
"Oh, when I will be five and Pheeboo will be two," she nodded, "and Daddy will be six, and you will be ... thirteen!"
I'm sure there is some hidden meaning in there somewhere ...

Pheeboo's interest in walking is decidedly low. She goes everywhere on her knees now, despite the fact that it's much slower than actually crawling. She is getting callouses on the tops of her feet and toes! Here is a not-too-clear cell phone video demonstrating the knee walk.

She also loves to "talk" on the phone ... or anything that she can pretend is a phone. She says "Hello? Hello? Hello!" She says several words now, and this week we've recognized a couple of tunes that she hums. So far we can make out the first lines of "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Happy Birthday to You," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" (which she also does the hand motions to.) Of course as soon as we pull out a camera or our phones to try to capture any of that, she immediately stops what she's doing and makes a beeline for us chanting "Chee'! Chee'! Chee'!" What a ham.

Here they are during the annual Kentucky Derby watching.
They are a joy to us, these girls.

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