May 4, 2011

And MORE Hives

This time I think it is a virus, since her spots have been accompanied by a fever. Or perhaps they are totally unrelated. Who knows?

I must confess that when she first started to break out in them this time, they didn't look like they usually do at the beginning of a hives episode. Combine the spots with the fever and I started to panic that she had chicken pox! I feel so silly about that ...

She has several words now:
-Mommom ("Mummuuuuuum")
-Poppop ("Puhpuh")
-cheese ... which I learned she could say when I pointed the camera at her to take this picture
-nana (banana)

We're working on "Pops" and "Lela" because we bought our tickets to visit Warshington! We are soooooo excited! It's been three years since we've visited. I can't wait to hug my family and friends, and sit on my parents' deck and look at their fabulous view and lovely yard while drinking coffee with my dad, and get a REAL mocha from my favorite espresso stand. Ah, Locals Espresso, I will be seeing you soon and indulging in an iced mocha breve, single shot please. Or maybe a mocha chill. Or maybe a chai tea smoothie. Decisions, decisions ...


The Mold-ee :) said...

I vote for my favorite: a creme de menthe mocha chill. Yum. Oh, and a hug. :)

Love, Strength, Hope said...

When will you be in WA???
I know you know Lise lives nearby but so do Sasha and Cyndie. I am not too far (about 4 hours) and I am always looking for a reason to hang out with Sasha and Lise!!

Jersey Mama said...

We'll be there in July. It would be fun to have a big get-together!

Meleah said...

Hey Rachel,
Do you think the hives could be related to teething? I've heard of kids getting diaper rashes, throwing up, etc... related to teething. Just a thought. Caleb was the only one that had hives around here. We found that it was because there was REAL vanilla used as an ingredient in something he ate. Kind of weird,but at least it was discovered quickly and he really wasn't bothered by it. Hope she clears up quickly.

Jersey Mama said...

You know, I've been wondering that about teething. She IS teething (a molar is coming through) but I can't remember if she was the other times she had them.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Glad you get to see your parents! Sometimes it feels like they live on the moon they are so far away.......if I come up with any ideas about this hive business, I will let you know.