May 30, 2011

Ceiling Fans

After a very cool and rainy spring (I kinda felt like we had been transported to the Pacific Northwest) it is suddenly hot and summery. There was no time for acclimating.

In our apartment we had central air. At 52 there were lots of window units for cooling. The little white house came with one wall unit, in the living room. It is old and kind of dirty and while it seems to work fairly well I am sure it is not energy efficient at all. We have a couple of standing fans, and a little desktop one for the girls' room (that one is for white noise as well as moving air around.) So Eric went to Lowe's last week and came home with two ceiling fans. One was small and white with a light fixture, for the kitchen.
I love having a ceiling fan in the kitchen. Boy, is that nice!

The other fan was for the living room ... but Eric wasn't sure if there was power run to where it would have to be installed. So he put it in our bedroom.
Boy, is THAT nice!

He will install one in the living room soon. Meanwhile I open the windows in the morning to let in the cooler morning air, then close them when the sun starts coming around to the front of the house. Our new energy efficient curtains in the living room do a decent job of blocking quite a bit of the heat, and we turn on the fans. I think I still want to do some kind of blinds in the windows but for now the curtains are a vast improvement over sheets and blankets hung up there.
Soon we will need to do something about the front door. It is painted red on the outside and while I like red, it does absorb a lot of heat and since the front of the house faces south it means direct sunshine all afternoon. Also there is a little window in the door. So we will either need to replace the door altogether, or paint it a lighter color and cover up that window.

Once it is really hot and muggy every day we will run the a/c. For now it is bearable. If I get too sticky I can always go lay on my bed ... under the fan ... ahhhhhh ...


Meleah said...

Fans are nice. We usually install one in the window each summer, but having to take it in and out is quite a lot of work. Your house is so nice and clean. I think you need more kids:))).

Jersey Mama said...

LOL Meleah, it only looks like that because we had the Great Toy Pickup last night and I didn't post any pics of the playroom :p

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Ceiling fans DO help. Our muggy is 89% humidity....and we need all the help we can get. The ceiling fan in the front-room looks like shark was on clearance at Lowe's. It's plastic and easy to clean. I should go clean it............