June 3, 2011

A Friday Off

Normally I work every Friday afternoon, so at this time (1:00) I am running around, scrambling to gather the diaper bag and blankie, get shoes on everyone, and get out the door. Today, however, we spent the morning with some friends at the park and at their house eating lunch, and we just got home a little bit ago. Phebis fell asleep in the car and thankfully transferred nicely to her crib. After high temperatures accompanied by humidity earlier this week, yesterday and today have been cooler and windy. It was the perfect morning to go to the playground, although the pollen count is high and wreaking havoc on those with allergies!

Now I'm anticipating a nice afternoon at home, doing a few chores, maybe some beadwork, maybe even sit and read for a bit! And my teeny tiny garden could use some weeding, too.

But before I start on any of the things I need and want to do, and before you move on from reading blogs to whatever you need or want to do, these pictures require some viewing:

Sometimes I think she looks like me ... and sometimes I think she looks like my brother ... and sometimes I think she looks like my mom. But she NEVER reminds me of her daddy!

And this girl is getting quite the sprinkling of freckles on her nose. Please ignore the dirt and peanut butter.

And lastly, to toot my own horn, look what I did the other day!
 I have another one just like it on the other side of the front door. Finally, some flowers on my porch! I hope I don't kill them ...

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Meleah said...

I like your flowers. I've actually kept my mother's day flowers alive this year. That's a first for me. We put them in bigger pots yesterday and, like you, I hope I don't kill them:) Cute pics. None of our kids have freckles so far.