September 5, 2011

Butterfly Girl

We went to the zoo again today. Two visits and our membership has paid for itself. :)We didn't get there until after 2:00, which actually was perfect. A lot of people were leaving as we arrived, and it wasn't crowded at all.

As soon as we walked through the gate the Boogie exclaimed, "I want to get my face painted!" She waited patiently while 3 other children in front of us had their faces done (the tiny pirate boy was especially cute) and when it was her turn told the artist that she wanted a pink butterfly.

It ended up being more purple than pink but she was thrilled with it! I took this picture with my phone and she kept asking to see it. She was very sad when we had to wash it off in the shower. I guess I'll have to learn how to paint butterflies.

She had to have her picture taken on a hippo ...
... and then on a baby hippo, too.
On our way home from the zoo we stopped for ice cream instead of dinner. Sometimes it's fun to break the rules.

We had a nice weekend. It was so lovely that we both had three whole days off. On Saturday night we drove to PA to help celebrate Reenie's birthday. Bless her heart, she ALWAYS comes to visit us, so we figured it was well past being our turn to make the drive. It was nice to meet her friends, although we were the only ones there with children. The Pheebs attached herself to the first man who walked through the door, and all of the adults present graciously helped entertain her as well as steer her away from trash cans, kitchen cabinets, stairs, breakables, and toddler-level appetizer trays. We ate yummy food and played classic party games. It was fun! Reenie and I compared NOOKs and made plans to get together again soon.

On Sunday afternoon we put Peabody down for a nap; put the Boogie down for a nap; cleaned the kitchen; straightened the living room; finally climbed into bed for our own naps ... and the Pheebs woke up. Argh. I brought her into our bed in hopes that she might, maybe, possible go back to sleep. She rolled around for a bit, talked to her daddy, and finally laid down with her thumb in her mouth. Oh good, I thought, maybe this will work! And then the phone started to ring. I could barely hear it over the A/C in our room, but I knew that Peabody heard it too because she stopped sucking her thumb. After four rings she suddenly sat straight up, put her hand to her ear and exclaimed "Hello?" So much for naptime.

Back to work tomorrow! The R family is also on their way back. They should fly home to Germany one day this week, but they will stay with us until they leave so we'll have a little more time with them.

While I was sending the zoo pictures from my phone to the computer, I came across a few more:

I am vigilant about keeping pens, markers, crayons, etc., away from Peabody, but one slipped into the house unobserved by me and I didn't find it until after she did. Thankfully her face seemed to be the only thing she drew on.

A Nutella sandwich tastes good, and spreads well on the face, too.

Some friends introduced the board game Blokus to me and Eric. The classic version is for four players (which is more fun) but we found a smaller travel version for only two players. The Boogie was dying to play it and since the rules are very simple she was able to play against me. And ... she beat me.

During VBS the Phebis spent each evening with her favorite Uncle. A busy week meant fewer naptimes, however, and one night she just couldn't stay awake. There really wasn't anywhere to put her so she had a little catnap in her Poppop's office chair.

And one day while some cousins were over, I came across this:

Betcha didn't know that Schwinn manufactures back braces for baby dolls.

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Chrissy said...

Ha! I just love so much about this post ~ Boogie's face paint, Peabody's "hello?" when the phone rang, and I can't believe The Boogie beat you in Blokus! Although, I remember my little brother beating us frequently when he was around 5, which really makes it such a fun game. It doesn't matter how much strategy you have, anyone can win! : )