September 25, 2011


It's not hot. It's not cold. It's still humid enough that you want to turn on the A/C, so you turn it on and then it gets really cold so you turn it off and then it gets muggy again so you turn it back on ...

Of course, that could be because our main wall unit air conditioner appears to be as old as I am and is either on or off with no happy medium. 

I think Eric would be happy to leave it running 24/7 and cool the house down to about 60 degrees.

I miss central air. But that, my friends, is the only thing I miss about our old apartment. No wait! I miss a separate eating area with a hard floor under the table. And ... and ... and ... yeah, that's all I  miss.

In a weird aside, the other night I had a dream that we were living back in that apartment, only it wasn't the same apartment, and we were actually sharing it with the people who lived downstairs from us. We weren't friends in my dream, we were still strangers to each other but living in the same apartment. So weird. And sort of nightmarish.


I appreciate the responses and diagnosis for the Boogie. It seems that if I can sort of rouse her a little bit before the crying starts, she doesn't do it. So it must be something to do with transitioning during her sleep cycle.

Also yesterday she had a little rash on her cheeks. I thought it was a reaction to something that touched her face but it was worse this morning, and spreading to her chest and arms. I think it's Fifths Disease. Turns out it's been going around. I kept feeling her forehead for a fever, and she would say, "Why are you feeling my brain, Honey? Is my brain hot?" Then she would go to Eric and ask him if he wanted to feel her brain. hahahaha

So, maybe the virus was causing some sleep problems too, though she didn't have any other symptoms that I was aware of.

The Specktacular family arrived yesterday! All of the little girls are having a great time together. A-girl is almost four and she and the Boogie immediately became BFFs. Little T is two and is mostly content to do her own thing. Peabody has been her normal toddler self, ruining elaborate Little People set-ups and wanting any and every toy that is in the possession of someone else. I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will! I'm still kicking myself for not getting any of H-man and Koto while they were here -- I'm not repeating that mistake.

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