September 19, 2011

Monday Thought Dump

-The other day I was chatting with a friend and fellow blogger who commented that "blogging just takes so long." For the record, she posts a lot more regularly than I do. But I agree that writing up a blog post is extremely time-consuming. If I try to write in the morning, the productivity of my morning quickly becomes a big fat zero. The same goes for the afternoon. If I try to write after the girls go to bed, I don't finish until long after everyone else is asleep. Maybe if I did it more often, I wouldn't feel like I need to squeeze so much into each post.

-The Boogie is crying right now because she doesn't want to watch the episode of "SuperWhy" that is on. This is not an auspicious start to my day.

-aus·pi·cious  [aw-spish-uhs] adjective  1. promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable: an auspicious occasion.

-Peabody is sucking her thumb while clutching her shirt in that hand, while rubbing her bare tummy with the other hand. Toddlers are so weird and entertaining. 

-Last week started out warm and humid, and ended with chilly nights and cool days. That's it, folks. Fall is here. 

-I am very sad that summer is over.

-I am stubbornly wearing sandals and flip-flops for as long as I can. 

-I just looked up the forecast for this week and we are supposed to have highs in the mid-seventies, and a chance of thunderstorms later in the week. I feel better now. 

-I recently tried to convince my husband that we should move further south to where there are long hot summers but he refused. We need to stay in this house for a while before selling, so I have a few years to wear him down. 

-The only good thing about cooler weather is that once we get a good frost the mosquitoes will be gone.

-I am really enjoying my Nook. I've received several Barnes & Noble gift cards and have purchased a few e-books, but Barnes & Noble has many freebies so I've been working my way through those. :) Also Eric helped me figure out how to borrow e-books from our library system which is so cool! In addition to reading I like to surf the web, play Mahjongg, listen to music, and make lists on my list-making app. 

-I love lists. 

-We moved the girls' bedtime up by thirty minutes so that Eric can get to bed earlier and get more sleep. One week down and with the exception of church nights, so far so good.

-I have been trying to get up earlier in the morning. Each night I set the alarm on my phone. Each morning I hit snooze a couple of times. Each morning I end up getting up at my regular time anyway. I think I need to start putting my phone on the other side of the room instead of on the nightstand within reach.

-In the early days of Eric's job with an early start time, I would get up with him every morning and pack his lunch and we'd pray together and I would go down to his car with him to say good-bye, and after he left I would start my day. I did that for a long time, until his start time got moved up another hour. That was just too early for me, so I would get up with him and pack his lunch and we'd pray together and I'd go down to his car with him to say good-bye, and then after he left I'd go back to bed for just a little more snoozing. I did that for a long time, too. Now he gets up, gets dressed, sits next to my side of the bed and I usually kind of wake up (but sometimes I don't) and he prays with me and kisses me good-bye, and I go back to sleep and he packs his own lunch. I sometimes think about how productive my morning would be if I would get up when he does, but I simply cannot survive on that amount of sleep. After a couple of days I am just plain crabby, and after several days I get sick. I don't know how Eric does it. It must be God's grace!

-Why is it that on trash days when I hurry to get the cans to the curb first thing in the morning, the garbage truck doesn't come until mid-afternoon, but on the days that I don't get the trash out right away the garbage truck comes while I am still in my pjs?

-We are having an infestation of fruit flies. It isn't as bad as the house fly plague we had early in the summer, but it's still gross and creepy. I did some googling this morning and put out a little bowl with vinegar and dish soap in it. The flies seem to like it enough to hover over it and land on the edge of the bowl, but so far they are avoiding the liquid itself. The trash can is tightly covered, we don't leave dirty dishes or food out, and I keep all the fruit in the fridge. Except for the bananas. You can't keep bananas in the fridge. Or can you? I guess once we've eaten them I won't buy anymore until the flies are gone. Blasted flies.

-Peabody is throwing a fit at my feet. She has entered full-on toddler temper tantrum days. If her sister has something that she wants, she tries to take it from her. If the Boogie won't let her have it, Peabody yells "Miiiiiiine! Mine! Mine! Mine!" and hits the Boogie and collapses onto the floor sobbing. If I ignore her she gets up and comes over to me and collapses again sobbing and writhing in anger at my feet. Fun times.

-The Specktacular family will be arriving in a few days for a week-long visit! We are looking forward to that. Their little girls are 2 years old and almost 4. As much as my girls enjoyed H-man and Koto's visit, I'm sure they will love having other little girls around even more. I am anticipating that the play kitchen, doll house, and dress-up clothes will get a lot of use. Also we are hoping that the weather is nice so we can make some trips to the shore and zoo, and Eric will be taking the grown-up Specktaculars to NYC one day.

-Speaking of H-man and Koto, the R family arrived back in NJ the Tuesday after Labor Day, and immediately caught a flight back to Germany that same day. So, we didn't get to have any more time with them which was a bummer, but it was good that they all got to go home together. 

-And that is all I am thinking about "on my mind" to quote the Boogie. 


Chrissy said...

Wow, what a post! You are such a sense of humor...I always love reading your posts. : )

And for the banana question.....just yesterday Dan was like, "these fruit flies are just too bad - we need to put the bananas in the fridge". I was floored! Who EVER puts bananas in the fridge? Won't they like, never ripen? Sheesh!

Jersey Mama said...

I know! I wouldn't think they would get ripe in the fridge. I ended up putting mine in a ziploc bag. It's a little moist in there but I figure they'll all be eaten in a day or two.

Katie said...

Oh yes...right there with you on the toddler tantrums! Reese is the EXACT same way. It's really hard not to laugh. :)