July 24, 2012

Coffee And Hoagies

I was reading over some old entries from when the Boogie was about the same age as Peabody now. I posted a lot more often then. It was fun to read over them. The reason I did was to see if the Boogie was as whiny as Peabody at this stage and while I didn't see anything about that, I was reminded of the Boogie's love/hate relationship with H-man. While Peabody can be possessive, I think having an older sibling around all the time has at least acclimated her to constant sharing.

Anyway, after I posted about Peabody's CWTS, a few days later I was brushing her teeth (usually Eric does it at night and I'll be honest, in the mornings I just hand the girls their toothbrushes and let them go to town) and realized that she was cutting TWO molars. Poor kid! No wonder she was whiny! I'd be whiny too. They are most of the way through now and she is much happier. Hopefully I'll be more understanding when she starts cutting the top two.

Yesterday the Boogie said to me, "Did you know that Wawa smells like coffee and hoagies? Mmmm that smells so nice!" An astute observation. Peabody gets excited when she sees this ad:
and exclaims, "Honey, look! Hoagiepet at da Wawa!"

That's her own version of the chorus in this older jingle:

Yes, we love Wawa's Hoagiefest.

All right, all right. We just love Wawa.


Rhonda said...

Okay, I'll admit it, I still have a problem with saying Wawa. But the spokesbaby for Wawa was fabulous.

Katie said...

Yep, Reese has been little miss whiny pants lately too! I looked in her mouth last night and saw 2 molars popping in. It's tough getting teeth. And that video of her is too cute. :)