July 20, 2012

Pictures From My Phone

Shame on me, I rarely take pictures with my camera. I do, however, almost always have my cell phone handy and while the picture quality isn't that great (no smart phone for this girl) it still does the job. I recently transferred many, many pics from my phone to my computer. Some of these are repeats, I'm sure.

In slightly chronological order from the beginning of the year:
Auntie Vee sleeping

Hats Lela made

Morning PBS
Christmas gift from Eric's grandparents: custom-made address sign!
Wearing Daddy's slippers
Cousin sleepover!

"I wish my parents would get me a real bed."
"The Shining", anyone?

Birthday Dora dress

"Does my face make these glasses look big?"

The hutch Eric's grandparents gave us!
Playing Sick Girl

"There's a giant caterpillar on my lap!"

Potty time

Chick-fil-a with grand- and great-grandparents
Date night

Sad face

Happy face!


Party time

All tuckered out
Play ball!

Eek! Ladybug!

"Honey, look, you can buy me!"
With Baby Onee

At our favorite ice cream joint
A day at the zoo
"Here, Peabody, I'll read to you."

An afternoon at the beach

After an afternoon at the beach


"Honey, help! I'm stuck walking!"

A girl's gotta have her morning coffee

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