July 19, 2012

More To Say

From you-know-who while riding in the car:
"Honey, when you're in love it just means you're lovable."
"Honey, I have a question: what does 'question' mean?"
"Today in class we found a centipede with lots of legs in the crayon box and we were all like, 'Aaaaah!' and Aunt Dev called Aunt Kev and he came downstairs and killed it." Aunt Dev is not really related (she is SIL2's sister) but all of the kids call her that, and apparently the Boogie thinks that Aunt Dev's husband's name is Aunt Kev. Ha! Reminds me of when Eric and I were newly married and 3-year-old HJ called me Uncle Rachel. I thought it was so funny that I never corrected her but she grew out of it.

The Boogie asked me yesterday, "Honey, how do you spell 'nap'?" Before I could answer, Peabody yelled, "E, I, O!"

Mama Dog lives outside or in our kitchen and laundry room. It is for my sanity when she is dirty and/or shedding ... which is most of the time. With the heat lately she's been shedding a lot more and don't you know, it doesn't bother me a bit! Because it's not on my carpet! We have a low pet gate across the kitchen doorway which she can jump over. After MUCH consistency on our part she's learned she's not allowed to. If she does, she gets a firm "No!" and is put back into the kitchen. If we catch her before she actually jumps, she is threatened with a spray bottle. If she jumps a second time, she gets squirted. That usually does the trick. She's been very good lately about staying on her side of the gate, even when someone comes to the front door. Anyway, the girls came up with this little game.

For the Fourth of July we met several friends and family members in a nearby town for a little hometown parade. The weather was decent, and parade was just the right length, and our kids got lots of candy!

Think she has enough lollipops?
Which Jerry Lewis movie does this remind you of?
Loud sirens!
Afterward a bunch of us went to Aunt Dev & Kev's house for pizza and brownies, and the kids played in the kiddie pool and sprinkler for a long time. The Boogie doesn't like loud noises, and I don't like bugs, so we didn't go see fireworks but watched them on tv instead. It was a very pleasant day.

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