August 3, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Around The Block

Mama Dog gets walked several times a week (sometimes less if it's really really really hot.) Usually I take her early in the day, pushing the double stroller with both girls. Every now and then instead of walking in the morning, we will all go after dinner. So it happened that on Tuesday we went for an evening stroll, and as we were getting close to 52 we noticed that the next-door neighbors were moving out. We had to ask them to move something on the sidewalk so that we could push our stroller past, and the neighbor himself said, "Hey, you've got two babies! I've got this stroller," indicating a folded stroller on his porch, "and I don't need it anymore. It was for my grandbabies but they're with their mother now. You can have it if you want it." He pulled it out and unfolded it -- a double jogging stroller!

"Are you sure?" I asked, incredulous. "You could sell this, you know."

He shook his head, "Nah, nah, you can have it. It's just been in storage. It's a little dirty. But I don't want it."

So of COURSE we said yes! Some of the fabric is little mildewed and the frame has some rust and the tires need to be pumped up. Other than that it seems to be in decent shape. It even has cupholders and a little storage place at the top, as well as baskets under the seats. The Boogie is heavier than Peabody so I don't know if that will make a difference in how it handles, since the seats are side by side instead of in front of each other like our Graco double. I guess I'll attach Mama Dog's leash to the Boogie's side so she can help pull!

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Primetime Babyboomers said...

Sweet! You just never know where you are going to get a blessing from the Lord, PTL!