August 25, 2012

Another Birthday

Didn't I JUST have one?

It was on Sunday this year, so Eric took Saturday off. We slept in (sort of) and went to brunch at our favorite local diner. Then we went to Ikea and wandered around people-watching and getting ideas. Peabody skipped several naps last week and by Saturday was pretty zonked out. She rode most of the way through the store like this.
Those pillows were just what I was hoping to find for our couch. It wasn't a banner day for people-watching. I did see a few cute things, resisted buying more coffee cups, we discovered the family parking lot right next to the building, and splurged on cinnamon buns. I think that's the first time we've ever gone to Ikea without eating hot dogs.

Sunday after church we went with MIL, FIL, MIL's dad & stepmom to Cracker Barrel. I've eaten a lot of birthday meals at Cracker Barrel -- it felt like old times! The Boogie found her "horse face on a stick" and was delighted. Both girls had some birthday money left over and I knew that Peabody would have to have her own toy. I was less than pleased when the store employee brought over a pink-and-white unicorn to show the Boogie. Lady, can't you see I have TWO little girls? If one has a pink-and-white unicorn, the other will want that too. But there weren't any other unicorns. Thankfully Peabody has been content with a brown horse, and they both share interchangeably anyway. The Boogie likes to use them both at the same time, as crutches. 

My parents sent me a couple of Abbott & Costello movie collections (well, Pops chose that gift, of course.) We are enjoying the silliness. Even the girls like them; the Boogie asks to watch "Habit and Carstello" at dinnertime and Peabody makes a reasonable attempt at pronouncing "Costello." She's surprised us with a pretty good impression of the trademark Costello "woo-woo-wooooo!"

We start school on Monday. I feel like I ought to be more excited! I think the Boogie doesn't realize that we are beginning so soon. She hasn't talked much about it. I am excited to see how quickly she learns with a dedicated curriculum, and I'm hopeful that we will easily adjust to a new schedule.

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Rhonda said...

Have you noticed that those birthdays come sooner and sooner each year? Happy Birthday!