August 3, 2012

Boogie Candy

Every now and then Peabody asks for a piece of candy. I keep Tic Tacs handy, and we usually have a bag or box of something, so I'll give her one small piece. For a few weeks now she's been working on a leftover-from-Valentine's-Day box of conversation hearts. The other day she asked for one, and I gave her an extra heart to give to the Boogie. Usually the Boogie just eats hers, but this time she brought it to me and asked, "What does it say?" And it said BOOGIE!

"Don't eat it!" I commanded, running for the camera. What are the odds that there would even be a heart that said "Boogie" in that box, that the Boogie would get it instead of her sister, and that she would happen to ask what it said instead of eating it right away? I love love love this picture that I got of her.

Of course Peabody wanted in on the picture-taking-action, too.

Cute and silly girls.


Primetime Babyboomers said...

The chance for all that to happen is ones life time has to be extremely slim. Great story...made me laugh. Oh yeah, and I loved the pics!

Auntie Vee said...

Hey look, I CAN comment on this thing. These pics are cute, especially the last one of Phoebe. Can you bring her out here in a month or so? That'd be swell thanks.

Katie said...

Those two are the cutest!