December 19, 2013

A Little Holiday Gratefulness

Today I'm thankful for:

-a less-stressful-than-previous-years holiday season.

-great Christmas music on Pandora.

-lights on our Christmas tree.

-online shopping.

-free Christmas activities to do as a family, like this Living Nativity (if you live locally you should check it out) and a cute Christmas program at the cousins' school the other night. I especially appreciated the hilarious kindergarteners, though they were not intentionally hilarious. The Boogie kept looking over at me and whispering, "Why are you laughing?"

-all gifts mailed that need to be mailed.

-a good 33-week check-up this morning. Blood pressure is great and Baby Bacon is guesstimated to be around 4-4.25 lbs. Dr. S asked how big the girls were at birth, and said, "This one won't be small." Well. He was exactly right with the Boogie's birth-weight, and pretty close with Peabody's so I guess I have to believe him.

-2 little girls who behave themselves when we go to the doctor, as well as all of the other places I've been dragging them over the past 2-3 weeks.

-2 little girls who are big enough to walk everywhere and who don't require a bunch of gear. While I am more uncomfortable the bigger I get, I appreciate that a 4-lb. Bacon is (almost) all I have to carry around -- no infant seat, no diaper bag, no making sure the stroller is in the car, plus both hands are still free!

-Peabody's bravery yesterday at her first "real" haircut. Although I've cut her hair myself, she was nervous about having someone else do it, and she told us in so many words: "Well, I'm nervous."

-Peabody's vocabulary. She cracks me up.

-Peabody's exclamation of "Ella!" when she hears an Ella Fitzgerald song play. The first time it happened I thought it was a coincidence, but nope, she's correctly identified her several times. I am so proud.

-funny conversations between the girls, like the one overheard this morning:
Peabody: "I just want somebody to help me!"
The Boogie: "Well, it's certainly not going to be me."

-my sewing machine. It's been fun to come up with simple Christmas gift projects and then see them happen.

-my husband who, when I creep to bed long after midnight (because while it's been fun to learn how to use my sewing machine, I'm still very much a novice seamstress so even simple projects take about 3 times longer than they should), instead of shrinking away from the block of ice that is his wife, snuggles closer so that I'll warm up quickly.

-being a stay at home mom and the perks that come with that, like taking a nap at 10:30 in the morning after being up until 1:30 a.m. working on Christmas projects that take 3 times longer than they should.

-a backyard in which to let the dog out so that I don't have to actually take her for a walk to do her business in below-freezing temperatures.

-above-freezing temps today, and a forecast of 60 and 70 degrees for the weekend! Yippee! I'm dreaming of ... not wearing a winter coat.


Chrissy said...

I love this post. : ) So many things to be thankful for. I'm thrilled that your appointment went well and that Bacon is doing great! I can't wait to meet that little guy or girl! : )

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I'm getting rid of all our holiday cd's because of Pandora. Just about anything you can think of will come to you instantly, and takes up NO room.