December 5, 2013


I don't like it. I can't fathom shopping for fun. It just makes me tired. The only kind of walking around a store that I like is when we go to Target because then I can get a mocha. And okay, people-watching is fun.

But I especially dislike grocery shopping. Do you know why? Other shoppers.

For example:

-Carts left in parking spaces. There are cart corrals everywhere. Why is it so inconvenient to walk an extra couple of parking spaces to put a cart into a corral? I mean, it's not like the shopper isn't capable of it. They just walked all over an entire store. But maybe that's why. They're simply too tired to take another step.

-Aisle blocking. I'm sure we can all relate. Really, it's not so hard to pull the cart over. Or, you know, stand just a liiiiittle closer to the shelves while perusing them.

-Never moving out of anyone's way. For some reason this is a confusing concept for the other shoppers to understand, so maybe I should wear a shirt that says, "It is much more difficult for this pregnant woman to maneuver my heavily loaded cart and two young children out of your way than it is for you and your small basket to step out of mine." Except they obviously haven't noticed me, my kids, or my cart, so why would I think they would read my shirt?

-Check-out line inconsideration.
The customer who leaves their cart in line to "hold" their place while they run back for something all the way over at the other end of the store.

The short conveyor belt and the customer who puts their groceries on it, then stands at the register in front of their (now empty) cart while all of their purchases are scanned and paid for, effectively blocking the (now empty) entire belt for the next customer (me.)

The long conveyor belt which I foolishly neglect to completely block while putting my own groceries on it, so that the person behind me decides to unload their own cart ... despite the fact that my cart is still piled high meaning OBVIOUSLY I'm going to need more than the two feet of belt they have left me.

-Parking lot inconsideration.
The person who sits in their car next to mine chatting on their phone until I open my door in order to buckle my kid into her seat, at which time they decide they need to open their own door.

The person who parks next to me while I'm loading my car and then, as soon as I'm finished, gets out of their vehicle, walks to the nearest corral, and gets a cart. Um, hello? Offer to take mine! It was RIGHT THERE! No, really, I'm happy to give it to you!

The person who sits in their vehicle in the aisle waiting for me to finish loading groceries in my car, return my cart to a corral, and buckle my kids. Never mind the fact that by the time I'm ready to leave, they could have parked somewhere else and been inside the store already. Heaven forbid that they have to walk an extra few feet by parking two or three spots away. They have to save all of their energy because believe me, it's exhausting dealing with all of those other inconsiderate shoppers.

And that is my rant for the day.


Rhonda said...

Okay, I don't really mind the shopping, it's the rude "park your buggy in the emplty parking stall next to your car" that gets me. And it usually is just one or two stalls away from the buggy corral! Okay, done.

Christian Walker said...

I agree. I hate shopping! People are so rude and inconciderate.
-sure I'll get out of the way of your child who is running around the isles and you don't say a word to them.

So annoying