December 3, 2013

Peabody This and Peabody That

We were getting ready to leave the house for a walk.
"Your shoes are on the wrong feet," I told Peabody.
When she sat on the floor to fix them, she hit her back on the bookshelf and started crying. I comforted her and said, "You'll feel better when we go for our walk, but your shoes are still on the wrong feet."
Tearfully she replied, "So fix them."
"Me? I'm not going to fix them. You fix them!" I said.
"But, I have a hurt back ..." she said sadly.
I saw a picture of some friends on Facebook and showed them to Peabody.
"Dose are not your friends," she told me. "You are a grown-up. You don' have any friends."
Thanks a lot, kid.

She is super excited about it being Christmastime. The day after Thanksgiving she told us half a dozen times, "Now we can watch Christmas movies! And listen to Christmas music! And look at Christmas decorations!" She said she wanted to watch Rudolph the Rodent Reindeer.

We were trying to agree on a movie. The Boogie wanted White Christmas, but Peabody kept insisting on, "The one with the man, with two letters, in between." I finally figured out what she meant:

She explained to me about time passing:
"Honey, ri' now it's morning time. After morning time, it's night. After night, it's raining. After raining, it's snowing. And after Thanksgiving, it's Christmas!"

She told me seriously, "Well, Honey, I go'd to the store today."
"You did? Who did you go with?" I asked.
She thought about that for a minute, then said, "I drived myself."
"Oh really? What did you drive?"
"I drived the van."
"You did, huh? And what store did you go to?"
"Well, first I go'd to Walmart. An' then I go'd to Target. An' then I go'd to Petsmart. An' Walmart was all out of toys."

She still prefaces action words with "un" unnecessarily: un-cut, un-glue, etc. "Honey, will you please un-zipper me?" means that she wants me to zip up her coat.

One of my favorite things she says is "hims" instead of "his." She observed a little boy repeatedly disobeying his mother, and told us later that "he was loud, and mean to hims mom."

If I refuse her something she tells me, "Well, Honey, I'm jus' really disappointed." I know she means angry, but I play along. "Why are you disappointed?"
"Because you telled me no," she says.

She and the Boogie still disagree about what 101 Dalmations is really called. Peabody calls it 7 Dalmations, upon which the Boogie corrects her, "No, you mean Ten Thousand Dalmations."

Her favorite article of clothing is this Toy Story shirt that her cousins gave her.
She asks to wear it almost every single day. One day in the car she said, "Honey, when you pack my shirt away up in the attic, I will be so sad." I told her that she can wear it until it gets too small, and then we will save it for Bacon, so that cheered her up a bit. But really I doubt that it will survive her. If it does I think I'll sew all of the openings closed and stuff it to make a pillow!


Kali said...

Your girls are so cute! I always love hearing about the funny things they say and do!

Meleah said...

I really like the part about you not having friends because you're an adult:). Sounds like something our kids would say. They comment about how old Grandad is, but Nana is still young because she's 4 years younger:). I think that Kiersten and Peabody would get along great. They like to try to use their emotions to get us to do what they want. Kiersten says one day, "Mommy, I really yike you, you're a good mommy. But! There are none good, no not one, so you're not good." I love how their thought patterns end up giving us so much to laugh about:).

Chrissy said...

I'm your friend!!!! : )

And my other favorite Peabody saying was the "one with the man with the two letters..." Just way too cute! Made me laugh out loud. Love that girl! And your other girl too! We miss y'all!