May 6, 2010

Another Pregnant Day

I feel like I need make an announcement each time I post: no baby yet!

The other night MIL and I took the Boogie to a college choir concert that SIL3 was singing in. We thought the Boogie would enjoy it but we had no idea just how much she would! She sat in her fold-down seat and shivered with excitement. She asked repeatedly where her Auntie was. She pointed out the lights. She applauded vigorously when everyone else did. She pointed and whispered loudly, "Look! Look! It's Auntie! There she is! See her? See her?" She listened attentively to every song for a while -- if it was slow she got a little distracted and started talking, but if it was upbeat she danced along for the whole thing. Her favorite was a gospel song where the choir clapped in rhythm and swayed back and forth while they sang. She swayed in her seat and clapped along -- I laughed so hard I cried. At the end of every song she would applaud loudly and turn to me and say, "Just one more song, okay? Just one more." She loved it! I will have to keep my eye out for something else to take her to.

Baby Sister apparently has no intention of being born. If she doesn't make her appearance by Monday night we will go to the hospital and have her evicted on Tuesday. I much prefer not to be induced but my doctor won't let me go more than 2 weeks past my due date. I am having lots of contractions so hopefully they will get down to business and do something productive within the next couple of days! Any day is just fine and dandy with me.

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Island Girl said...

I was hoping the silence meant Baby Sister was born. :)

Hopefully you won't have to wait until Tuesday!