May 2, 2010

Derby Day

Yesterday was the 136th Kentucky Derby! If you've been reading my blog for very long, you probably remember our interest in the Derby. We had to do some grocery shopping in the afternoon so we barely made it home in time to pick favorites. My Man chose Homeboykris but when he realized that Calvin Borel was riding Super Saver he switched to him ... smart thinking! It was fun to watch and we got our annual "Boogie and the Derby" picture:
Last year:
2007 -- she was only a couple of weeks old! (I couldn't find the one from 2008 -- I think we must have taken it with MIL's camera so she probably has it on her computer.)

As I mentioned, we had to go grocery shopping. The Boogie likes to help put things away. Usually she does pretty well but yesterday she was a little distracted, I guess.

At least she asked me about the hairspray: "Honey, does this live in the bafroom?" This afternoon when she was supposed to be napping My Man went in to check on her and found a can of spaghettios on her bed. She must have hidden it somewhere in her room yesterday.

It has warmed up quite a bit and you know what that means for my feet ... puffiness! I have one pair of flip-flops that fit me, and that's it. I reeeeeally hope nothing happens to them ...

Baby Sister is apparently quite content and has no inclination to emerge from her cozy haven. I must say, though, it's nice to have made it to May. At least we won't have our anniversary and TWO birthdays in the same month. We want to spread things out if we can!

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