May 28, 2010

The Good Things

Three nights ago my sister walked into my apartment. I was standing in my dining room on the phone with my mom (who knew all about the surprise and called me so she could hear my reaction) when my front door opened and a blonde walked in. My first thought was that someone was coming into the wrong apartment! But after a split second I realized that it was Vee. We hugged each other with the baby squished between us, and we laughed, and I cried. It was a wonderful, fabulous surprise and I am really enjoying having her here!

This child sleeps all.the.time. Apparently it's her favorite thing to do.
I have to disregard my own advice to other moms to never wake a sleeping baby. If I didn't wake her she wouldn't eat much! The only time she wakes on her own is in the middle of the night. That just figures, huh?

Isn't she cute, though? I love her tiny feet.
I can't figure out who she looks like. Last week I thought she looked a lot like the Boogie; this week, not so much. It seems like she changes a little bit every day.

We have still been receiving many gifts for her -- lots of clothes, and lots of diapers. We're not going to have to buy diapers for a loooooong time. Praise the Lord for His provision! And amid the baby gifts the Boogie has not been forgotten. A dear friend sewed some cute dresses for my big girl, and an aunt, uncle, and cousins sent her a new toy: a bubble-machine!
She LOVED it!


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Aww! Say hi to Vee from me. I just love sister surprises.