June 7, 2010

Summer Monday

I love summertime, I really do, especially days like today. It cooled waaaay down last night and is even now only in the low sixties with a predicted high of 78 degrees. My Man took the day off so he could help with some things over at church this morning. When he is finished we are going to the zoo! It's the perfect day for it.

We are due to close on our house this week ... Lord willing! We're starting to get so excited and are praying that everything goes smoothly so that we can have those keys in our hands soon. There are walls to paint and carpet to rip up and appliances to replace before we can move in but we are hoping to be out of here and in there by the end of the month. Some friends just moved into their house last weekend and are giving us all of their boxes and packing paper! That is a HUGE blessing -- I was dreading hunting down boxes.  This week I will start packing and cleaning this apartment in preparation to vacate it.

Our girls are growing and adjusting. The Boogie is getting so tall and heavy. She is wonderful with her little sister, very gentle and loving. I haven't seen one single sign of jealousy, only lots of adoration. She is very helpful. It's  handy to send the 3-year-old for a diaper or wipes or clean burpie. She cracks us up with the things she says. The other day we went shopping and when we were finished she asked, "Where do we go next?"
"We're going home," we told her.
"Noooo! I don' wanna go home!"
"Okay, where do you want me to drop you?" asked her daddy.
"Hmmm ... Wawa," she answered. We laughed and drove home. When we pulled into our parking spot she got mad.
"Ugh, Daddy! You're 'upposed to drop me at Wawa!" (more laughing from the parents)
"But Daddy and Baby Sister and I are going home," I said. "If we take you to Wawa, who will help me put away groceries?"
Without missing a beat she pointed and answered promptly, "Daddy."

Our favorite thing that she says is "use-mick" instead of "music." Somehow she figured out that the truck driving around in the summertime has ice cream, but she still calls it the use-mick truck sometimes. She has not, however, learned that a person can actually BUY ice cream from the use-mick truck. Maybe we can make it through another summer without that fact being realized.

I haven't decided on a blog nickname for the baby yet. My Man calls her Feebis. My sister calls her Fooby. My mom told me about a conversation she had with my 4-year-old niece SL back in Warshington:
Mom: "Aren't you excited that you have a new cousin?"
SL, face wrinkled: "My new cousin? Oh, you mean ... Fifi?"
Fifi! I love it! So we call her any and all of those three names and I need to make a decision about what to use here. I like Feebis and Fifi the best but don't really like how they look written out (I could get used to anything, though.) I think perhaps I may have to take up a vote ...

And speaking of Baby, we had some rough days and I figured that something I was eating was hurting her little tummy. I stopped drinking milk for a few days and that seemed to do the trick. So, I am now venturing into the world of dairy-free. Thanks to some friends' suggestions, I have discovered that vanilla-flavored rice milk isn't bad on cereal. I would like to also point out that chocolate flavored almond milk isn't bad to drink, either. Just expensive! Thank the Lord that My Man and the Boogie can have regular milk or we'd go broke. It's amazing how much dairy I consume on a regular basis without thinking about it. Sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, regular cheese, ice cream, cream in my coffee. But thankfully it's only dairy and not more that I have to avoid. And hopefully it is something that she will outgrow.

I'm also hoping that we can soon get past the wake-up-at-midnight-and-stay-awake-for-3-or-more-hours business. That's getting old, man. I'm getting old, man. I can't function like this!

And now for your viewing pleasure:

While Vee was here she slept in the Boogie's bed and the Boogie slept on the floor. Every night I would check on her and find her all over the place. The first night back in her bed she fell out -- I guess she quickly got used to rolling around in her sleep!
We have started coaxing some smiles from this little one!


JLS said...

Fifi is definately cute, feebus sounds to much like fetus when he says it, so no vote here for that. Dad likes Fifi spelled Phiphi. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I kinda suspect that some how Dena will end up deciding for all of us. xoxo

Rhonda said...

I vote for Phebs. It was so good to see pics of Vee and Phebs to gether. Can't wait to see pics of you NEW HOME!