May 7, 2010

Three Year Olds Are Very Observant!

This has been mentioned a time or two before on this blog, and you will probably read it again: My Man and I love to watch Food Network. We do watch the cooking shows, but we also love the other kinds -- challenges, contests, what restaurants serve the best whatever, etc. On Sunday nights after church we will often turn on Food Network Challenge. My favorite ones to watch are the cake decorating ones. They are amazing! Cakes with a theme are assembled and decorated within a certain time frame. Once they are completed they are moved to a judging table. The winner of the competition gets a medal and $10,000. We make ourselves a late snack/dinner and watch while we eat. The Boogie, of course, watches too. I didn't realize how much she really observed until this morning.

She was playing with her blocks and asked me to help her build a castle. I turned the blocks into a big tower. Then she asked, "Is it a cake? Is it a cake castle?"
"Sure!" I said. (Why not, right? A block cake castle.)
"Can we move it to the table?" she asked, indicating her bed.
I was confused. "What table?" I asked her.
"The judging table," she said.


"Okay!" I laughed. We carefully moved the blocks to her bed. "Did you win?" I asked her.
"Yes," she said excitedly, "I won! I won! Where's my medal?"


So I made her a "medal" out of a plastic necklace. She put it on and jumped around. "Ten thousand dollars!" she cheered.

What a funny kid! You just don't know how much they really "get" sometimes.


Cove Girl said...

Very cute!!! I love those shows to! You never think that the people are going to make it in time with their designs and then they do. When they move the cake I'm on the edge of my seat, it's so nerve wracking. Secretly I always sort of hope for a disaster, especially if the team is arrogant. Well I guess that's not so much a secret anymore:/ Have you seen the ones where the candy makers make designs out of melted sugar? It's enough to give a person diabetes through the screen. They are amazing designers,

Engrafted Lives said...

Truly I hope you are not just blogging about these incidents, but that you are writing them down in a journal just for the Boogie. She is quite funny!