May 2, 2009

The First Saturday In May

Anyone know what happens today? Anyone? Anyone?
On the first Saturday in May the Kentucky Derby is run. This year was the 135th Derby! Wow. My mom's family is from the Louisville area and the Derby is a BIG DEAL down there. It is tradition in my family to pick a favorite before the race. We talk to my parents on the phone, who talk to my grandparents in Kentucky, and Mom makes a list of everyone's favorites. This year I liked Dunkirk and My Man chose Hold Me Back. Dunkirk came in 11th and Hold Me Back was 12th ... good thing we didn't place any bets. :) The winner was Mine That Bird despite odds of 50-1. He came up out of nowhere -- it was amazing!

So there you are: a little piece of Jersey Mama family traditions.

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I Was Born In 1984! said...

That's ok, I chose Friesian Fire, as he was the betting favorite, and he came in second to last!