May 27, 2009

Two Days!

Some of you are already praying for Travis, but if not please click here for the story and updates. We have a powerful and almighty God Who can heal Travis from his injury -- please continue to pray for him.

A few minutes ago I asked the Boogie, "Who's coming to see you?"
"Lela!" she exclaimed. Smart girl. :) Yesterday morning she pointed to a backhoe across the street and said "hado" which is her best attempt at "anaranjado" which is Spanish for "orange" ... the backhoe was sort of yellow but I was impressed! At dinner My Man gave her some baby carrots cut up. "Carrots," she said, "round and round and round and round." Aww, my baby is learning colors and shapes AND she can almost count to five in Spanish.

On Monday I spent the entire day cleaning, rearranging, doing laundry, and sorting through baby/toddler clothes. My Man helped with the rearranging and went to pick up the mattresses we borrowed from his brother. He also brought me an iced mocha and took the Boogie to pick up Taco Bell for dinner. What a great guy. Our living room is full of the Boogie's toys and her room is clean and just about ready for new, albeit temporary, inhabitants. The only major thing left to do is move her crib into our room.

Someone gave us four bags full of little girl clothes that their daughter had outgrown, so I went through them all as well as the bins of outgrown Boogie clothes that I've saved in case we have another girl someday. I have four bins of too-small Boogie clothes, a dresser and closet FULL of summer clothes for her, and another full bin of clothes for next winter, as well as some things that won't fit her for a couple more years. This child has a lot of clothes. Praise the Lord for hand-me-downs! I also have several bags of things to return/give away/donate. It took me hours to go through it all and was probably the most tiring thing I did on Monday though it wasn't difficult work. It was mentally exhausting! :)

There's a visit to the dentist in store for me this morning. I'm praying for no cavities ... especially since My Man went last week and he is going to need some fillings.

Gotta go, lots to do today!

Two more days!