May 19, 2009

Ten Days!

Last night at 10:00 our phone rang. Usually we screen our calls through the answering machine because they are often recordings or telemarketers or groups soliciting for money. Because it was so late I answered and it was my mom.
"Are you in bed?" she asked.
"No," I replied, puzzled.
"Well, we're at the airport waiting for you!" she said. For a split second I was very confused, and then I realized she was trying to get me. I will admit, Mom, you had me for a moment or two. But I'm wise to you and your tricks!

This morning when the Boogie woke up she called from her crib, "Honey! Whey ah you?" I love when she wakes up. I go in to get her and her face lights up. She wraps her arms around my neck and murmurs around the binkie, "Goo' mo'ning, honey! Goo' mo'ning!" We snuggle on the couch and chat.

Lately as we go through our day I think about how nice it will be to share our routine with my parents. I think about how excited the Boogie will be to see them every morning, and how my dad will rock her in the recliner and Mom will read her stories. I imagine us all going for a walk around the block, or sitting in the living room and drinking coffee and talking, or watching an old movie or tv show. I know I keep saying this ... but I CAN NOT WAIT!!!


nene8200 said...

It must be what the Lord feels like, waiting until He can receive His saints!

Jackie's World said...

Yeah my mom told me that your parents are visiting! Awesome - Have a wonderful time!