May 11, 2009

Sleep Talking

As soon as My Man and I hit the hay last night, the Boogie called from her room. The Daddy went to check on her and when he came back he said, "She's talking in her sleep." I didn't really believe him because I've heard her mumbling in her sleep but this time she was saying words. The next time she called I went in myself ... to find her curled up on her pillow, eyes closed, clutching her burpie as she said around the bink in her mouth, "Yummy! Bite, honey? Bite?" She was fast asleep! It was cute then but it lasted all night and this Mama is programmed to wake up when the little person calls. I woke up a lot last night. Then she was up for the day at 5:30. At least she's happy! No fever this morning and her cough isn't any worse; in fact it might be a little bit better. A little while ago she turned to me and said out of the blue, "Happy dirday, honey! Happy dirday!"
"Oh, thank you," I told her, "but it's not my birthday today."
"Yes, it is," she insisted.

Last Friday there were some surprise layoffs at My Man's place of employment. Praise the Lord my hubby still has a job but his sister was one of the casualties. :( She'd been there almost a year; I know they really liked her there so I guess it was a matter of lowest seniority. The Boogie and I were just there on Thursday to have lunch with My Man. SIL3 usually eats with us but she didn't that time. It's weird to think that it was our last opportunity to have lunch at work with her. We're very thankful that My Man was able to go to work this morning. I know that the Lord will take care of us no matter what, but it was still kind of worrying on Friday after My Man texted me on his break that people were being let go.

I discovered another plus to going back to work at the chiropractor's office -- I felt really awful on Friday and called out. Yep, I called out sick on my second day back. I ached all over with chills, etc. I knew they wouldn't want me to "share"! Anyway it's a major plus to already be established there. I knew that they knew I wouldn't call out unless I truly was sick. Today is another day, however, and back I go this afternoon. I'm looking forward to when it is routine again to go to work. I'm a person of habit and sometimes have a difficult time adjusting to change. Hopefully in a week or so things will have settled down and a new routine will be established for me.

Sunny and cool this morning! Good walk weather ... Happy Monday, everybody!

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nene8200 said...

That sounds so adorable about Dena, but I can understand it getting not so adorable through the whole night! I'm also sorry to hear about your s-i-l's layoff, even when we're saved it takes a bit of adjustment for that type of situation. I'll pray for her today! (I'll also pray for Eric, too, that he would be spared, if so be the Lord wills it. :D)