May 24, 2009

I Miss You

Yes, I mean you, you cool people who read this blog. I miss writing. Every time I think about it there is something else I should be doing ...

I can't even remember what we've done this past week. Not a whole lot, I'm sure. Work and church and stuff like that.

Yesterday morning I worked. Around noon My Man's Uncle T and Aunt M and cousins D and K came over from Delaware. All the siblings and LCs joined them at 52 for some grilled lunch. I got there just in time for the food! After eating the men finished putting together a big play set with swings and monkey bars and climbing walls and a slide. It originally belonged to D and K but they have outgrown it. Now all the LCs have great fun with it. After a while My Man and the Boogie and I came home because Mr. B was coming. He brought the Boogie a new baby doll which she carried around and cooed over and fed a bottle for the rest of the evening.

Today after the morning service we had lunch on the grounds at church which was fun. There was more grilled yumminess and lots of great side dishes. FIL preached briefly after lunch, then we had dessert, and then we all headed home. The Boogie and I napped; she slept for three hours (oops!) and I slept for two while My Man changed the oil in my car and did some tuning up. When the Boogie and I woke up we joined him outside. The R family was out there too, so we chatted with them for a while and the Boogie and H-man got thoroughly dirty. They had a wonderful time though I wasn't sure if it was really worth it when I tried to get all of the dirt out of the Boogie's hair!
(Don't let her expression fool you, she was laughing delightedly just a moment before.)
Now we're winding down for the evening. The Boogie is bathed and fresh-smelling; My Man drove to Dunkin' Donuts for my iced coffee (decaf so as to not keep me awake tonight); a thunderstorm is blowing through; and we are looking forward to another day off tomorrow. We will be working but it will be at home and I'm sure we can squeeze in a Rita's break at some point. :)

I'll leave you with these videos I took tonight of My Man pushing the Boogie in the swing (do not watch the second one if you are prone to motion sickness.)

Oh and one more thing ... five days till Pops and Lela come!

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