July 3, 2010

At 52

Ahhhh, here we are at last. The packing is over, the moving is over, our stuff is in storage, and we are established at 52. We've been here a week and thanks to MIL I have been able to catch up on some much-needed sleep. The first two nights were horrible with the Phebis -- I don't know if I inadvertently consumed some caffeine, or too much sugar, or what the deal was, but I pulled a couple of back-to-back all-nighters with that child. I seriously do not remember having nights like that with the Boogie. But her Mom-mom saved my sanity by keeping her awake for a couple of evenings in a row which in turn caused her to sleep several hours at night. I'm hoping and praying that this trend continues and that we can get into a good routine. I have been able to sleep in every morning as well because as soon as the Boogie wakes up she makes a beeline for her grandparents who snuggle with her and make her breakfast and entertain her. I'm telling you, it has been nice for this mama!

SIL1 and SIL3 helped us clean our apartment which was a HUGE blessing. MIL kept the baby for a few hours each day so I could work uninterrupted. We turned in our apartment keys on Wednesday. It was so strange to see the apartment empty. It was a good place for us to live and we liked it just fine -- it was the neighbors that made us desperate to leave! Oh well ... I guess you never know what kind of neighbors you will get.

The closing on our house has been postponed yet again. The oil tank was leaking so there has to be soil cleanup and that is what we are waiting on.

I go back to work on Monday. It was a nice long maternity leave and I'm grateful to work at a place where my employer allows it and my coworkers cover for me. Living at 52 will hopefully make the transition a little easier as MIL is going to keep both girls for us.

I know I've been slack in posting pictures of the girls. I have a couple of good ones but they are on the other computer so I'll have to post them next time. The Phebis is growing like a weed. I foolishly allowed the bin of next-size-up clothes to go to storage, thinking there was no way she would outgrow in just a few weeks what I had packed to bring to 52. One week later I cannot even snap her onesies and had to buy some! She is just getting cuter and rounder.

I need to get back in the habit of writing down what the Boogie says because she cracks me up all the time. She has begun stating the obvious in the form of a question, like this:
We pull into the church parking lot. The Boogie asks, "Are we here at church?"
I ask her, "Well, are we?"
"Yes, we are!" she says.
"Then why did you ask?"
"Bycuz we're here," she tells me.

She has started telling us knock-knock jokes that are not even remotely funny. In fact she fills them with made-up words then laughs hysterically. I tried to teach her some new ones but unfortunately only one stuck:
"Who's there?"
"Flip who?"
"Flip-flop! Hahahahaha!"
It gets pretty old after a while.

This morning she asked me, "Do burritos live in trees?"
"Do they?" I asked her back.
"No," she chuckled, "they live in Taco Bell!"
 Well, of course they do.


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Oh goodness, she reminds me a lot of Ethan. So, so funny!