July 20, 2010

Check-Up Time!

I took both girls to the pediatrician yesterday. The Boogie was overdue for her 3-year-old check-up, and the Phebis needed to have her 2-month. As we were getting ready to leave the sky was very dark and FIL said he would pull my car around front in case it started raining. Sure enough, as soon as he walked out the door the clouds parted and it began to POUR. I don't think they were raindrops, actually. I think there were some spigots turned on up there. He helped me get both girls into the car and by the time we were all in everyone was pretty soaked. (So much for washing and drying my hair right before we left.) I had to drive around the block in order to head in the right direction and as soon as I came around the last corner the downpour slowed by about half! Figures.

Considering the Boogie's latest obsession with doctors and hospitals and being hurt, you can imagine how tickled she was to be going to see the doctor for a check-up. We talked multiple times about how the doctor would listen to her heart and look in her ears and at her eyes. The Phebis had her check-up first and got her first round of shots. The Boogie's eyes got very big and she covered her ears as the baby wailed. Then the doctor said, "Okay now it's your turn!" and the Boogie looked very alarmed. We had to reassure her several times that she did not have to get any shots!

Both girls look great and these are their stats.

3 years and 3 months old
30 pounds
36 inches (3 feet) tall
She is in the 25th percentile for height and weight, right in keeping with where she has always been.

10 weeks
13 lbs 11 oz.
24.5 inches
She is in the 97th percentile for height and weight. What a big girl!

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Cove Girl said...

Gotta love the east coast storms. Personally I <3 the thunder :)