July 28, 2010

A Day At The Zoo

You know how sometimes you get an idea and it seems really great ... and then turns out NOT to be so great? That was my day yesterday.

Monday was really beautiful with moderate temperatures and low humidity. When I woke up yesterday morning it seemed that it was going to be another lovely day. I didn't have to work. MIL and FIL were going to be away most of the day. So I decided that I could maybe, probably, most likely handle going to the zoo by myself with the girls. We have a year-long pass and have only been able to use it a couple of times so far. What other perfect way to spend a lovely day than walking around outside looking at exotic animals?

So, I packed some snacks and water bottles and stocked the diaper bag with diapers and wipes.

I put the Phebis in her carseat and hauled it and all our other stuff outside. I put her in the shade and told the Boogie to stay close while I unloaded the single stroller and a pack'n'play from my trunk, then maneuvered the (huge, heavy) double-stroller into my trunk. Turns out that it won't fit unless the wheels come off. Made sure I had the Snuggli baby carrier in case the Phebis decided she didn't like to ride in the stroller.

Okay, that's done.

Drove to Wawa to get gas. The Phebis fussed in the back because she was hot. Finally got on the road at 11:45 ... forty-five minutes later than I'd planned. Oh well. No big deal. We had all day! What's the hurry?

Drove to My Man's work to get the zoo pass and the GPS.

Drove to the zoo. Or, as the Boogie calls it, the "azoo." Parking lots were packed so I had to park a little further away than I'd hoped. Sat in the car with the a/c running and fed the baby. Then left both girls in the car with the air on while I maneuvered the (huge, heavy) double stroller out of the trunk, figured out how to open it up, loaded it with our stuff. Put both girls in it. Flipped the infant seat over and covered the Boogie's car seat with a towel so the sun wouldn't shine directly on them making them unbearably hot. Turned the car off, locked it, walked to the zoo.

By then it was 1:00. I wanted to leave at 3:00 to avoid traffic. Before I unbuckled the Boogie I told her, "It is one o'clock right now. We have to leave at three o'clock. You may get out of the stroller but you must stay right by me." She was perfect the whole time; she never whined or complained and she held onto the stroller unless I told her she could run ahead or go look at something.

We started walking. The Phebis started to cry. Binky was no good, she wanted out. Of course I forgot the Snuggli in the car so I carried her in one arm and pushed the (huge, heavy) stroller with one hand. I figured I would avoid any buildings and therefore any doors but forgot that the big cats exhibit had a couple of buildings you have to walk through. Thankfully there was always someone nice to open the doors for me.

We walked around for about an hour. It was pretty warm. Finally the Boogie was hungry so we found some shade and ate our sandwiches. The Phebis cried whenever I tried to put her down. I changed her diaper and when we started walking again she conked out and I was finally able to put back in the stroller. Whew, that child is heavy.

I kept giving the Boogie time warnings so she would have plenty of time to prepare herself for when we left. The last thing we did was sit in the shade and watch the big channel six news balloon go all the way up and come all the way down. We both needed to use the bathroom before we left -- how in the world was I going to get the (huge, heavy) stroller into a stall? I found a handicapped bathroom and a nice lady held the door for me.

The Boogie got back into the (huge, heavy) stroller and we walked back to the car. I started it and turned on the a/c and put both girls in while I loaded everything up. I got in and closed the doors and fed the baby. It was so hot even with the air on. Buckled both girls into their seats. The Phebis cried because she was hot. I turned on the GPS to get us home. We left at 3:45, forty-five minutes later than I'd planned.

I missed my turn onto the freeway and the GPS lady began "recalculating route." She sure said that a bunch of times over the next fifteen minutes while I tried to get to where I needed to be. Every time GPS lady would say "turn left" or "turn right" the Boogie would repeat it from the back seat: "Turn left, Honey!" I finally got on the freeway headed in the right direction. There was some traffic but not too bad.

The girls fell asleep. After a while I stopped to get myself some lemonade since we'd finished off the water I packed. I think the lemonade was diet. Gross. But it was cold and wet.

I made it home. Ahh ...

It was a day of a lot of fuss and bother for a couple of warm hours at the zoo. I would do it differently the next time that I go by myself: take the single stroller and the Snuggli and let the Boogie walk; plan ahead and go first thing in the morning before it gets too warm; pack more water. I think next time the grandparents might go, though, so that will make it a lot easier for me!

The Boogie had fun, though! And that was the important thing. I enjoyed our time together. She sure is a sweet and fun little girl.


Rhonda said...

Ahhh, the memories!

joy said...

That exhausted me just READING it! LOL.

Chrissy said...

Wow! What a day! :o)

I just got all caught up with you guys through your posts. Those pics of the girls are absolutely the cutest thing. I love the baby smiles!!!!!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Whew, what a Zoo day. We wonder why we are so tired at 8pm.