March 21, 2013

Daylight Savings Time: A Long-Winded Post

So, daylight savings time.

I love it.

Please still be my friend.

I know I am probably far, far in the minority but I can't help it. I love it. I'm happy when it arrives. I enjoy it while it's here. I'm sad when it goes. I've traveled enough times across time zones for one measly hour to be (almost) nothing to adjust to. *insert finger snap* I'm not a morning person so having the extra hour of light at the end of the day makes me one happy girl.

Eric ran in his first 5K last weekend. Several people from our church and the cousins' school participated, including Eric's brothers and their dad. I'm really proud of him for doing it.

And just for the record, no, I didn't run, and honestly at this point I have no intention of running one. Running is not for this mama. Just thinking about it makes my knees hurt.

The forecast called for a winter mix of rain and snow that morning but thankfully it held off until that afternoon. It's been mostly cold and often miserable since. As my friend Mrs. Specktacular posted on Facebook, "When did we Spring Forward to October?" Seriously. I'm over this weather. Come on, now, Spring. Enough procrastinating.

The Boogie's friend T has been hanging out with us a lot lately while his mom has been in and out of the hospital due to pregnancy complications. He is a cute and funny little guy. If he sees me vacuuming he gets the toy vacuum and "helps." If he sees me emptying the dishwasher he asks to put away the silverware. If he sees me washing dishes he tells me he's a good dish washer, too! He tells me, "Let me know when you need me to help you." He has a brand-new beautiful baby sister now and I know he's going to be a very helpful big brother.

So, on to the mama journaling ...

We watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. At the very end the Boogie ran to tell me, "Honey, those colorful guys and the regular guys are fighting about the girls."
She professes to dislike onions in any form. If she finds them in her food she complains about them and picks them out. However, she will snarf down an everything bagel like nobody's business. One of these days I'm going to break it to her that she's been eating onions in those all along!

Peabody has developed an annoying habit of interrupting. If we don't stop talking when she starts, she just talks over our conversation. To be honest, I believe it is a parental fault -- this has probably been going on for a while without us realizing it, and is just now getting worse. I've been getting on her about it: "Don't talk when I'm talking!" One day the Boogie was eavesdropping.
"Don't talk when I'm talking," I instructed Peabody, "that is ..."
"Interjecting," the Boogie interjected, "it's called interjecting."
Well, I was going to say rude ... and maybe this is more of a widespread problem than originally observed ...

The obsession with all things Toy Story continues, though actual movie viewings have grown infrequent. Peabody knows them all apart and tells us, "I wanna watch To' 'tory 2." Both girls can quote many lines. I overheard Peabody one day saying, "And I packed your angry eyes just in case, and some cheese puffs." Her favorite is, "And some monkey chow! Monkey chow? What for? Well, for the monkeys, of course! Come on, monkeys!"

She tells us, "I am Bu' Ligh'year. I am a 'pace ranger, an' I have a laser!" Then she shoots us with her arm. "I have wings! Wanna see?" she asks. She pushes a pretend button on her chest and shoots her arms out to the sides. "I'n flyin'!" She races down the hall. She has a very vivid imagination and will entertain herself for long periods of time. I like to stand around the corner and listen to her.

I sang a special in church on Sunday. Afterwards P and I had this conversation:
P: "Honey, dat is good singin'!"
Me: "Thank you. Maybe one day you can sing a song in church."
P: "Yeah! I can sing" began singing "you got a friend ah me."
Me: "Oh, well, maybe ... OR maybe you could sing a song about Jesus!"
P, after considering for a moment: "Nah."

I sliced some bell peppers for dinner. The Boogie doesn't like them, though to her credit every now and then she will try a bite.
"Do you like peppers?" I asked Peabody.
"No," she replied.
"Do you like bell peppers?" I tried again. Her face brightened.
"Yes!" she exclaimed. She ate a piece of pizza and several slices of bell pepper then announced that she was finished.
"Would you like any more?" I asked. "Some more pizza?"
"No, I'n all done," she said.
"How about some more peppers?" I asked.
"Yes, please! More pepper. And dip," she added. She kept asking for more. When she finally got down from her chair she kept coming back to have just one more slice of pepper. I'm sure she ate a whole bell pepper by the time she was through.

When she wants someone to open a door for her she says, "Ding-dong," then knocks three times.

I gave her some Smarties after lunch one day a few weeks ago. Ever since then she asks for "fruities" after every.single.meal. "I'n all done," she says, "I'n ready for frooo'ies."

If she asks me something and I don't answer right away, she persists, "Yes or no, Honey? Yes, or no?"

I realized that she can't pronounce the letter "s" at the beginning of a word if it's immediately followed by a consonant. She can say sofa, sassy, and silly but story is 'tory and so forth. Some words sound like they begin with an "h". Today she told me something was 'tinky. "It h'mell like a conk!" A conk? A conk? What is a conk? The Boogie knew. "She means skunk!" she laughed. Oh. Of course, a 'kunk is 'tinky.

When I do something that makes Peabody laugh she tells me, "Honey, are you hilarious!"

If something is big she says, "It is who-MON-gous! It is whoooge!"

If she makes a mess she tells us, "It was a akkident. It was jus' a akkident."

I put her in her Disney princesses dress for church one night. "Ohhhh, dis is adorable," she crooned, stroking it.

Tonight I asked her, "Who do you love?"
"I love ... my Daddy!" she exclaimed.
"Who else?" I asked.
"I love ... Mommom."
"Who else?"
"I love ... Mama Dog."
"Who else?"
"I love ... you."
"I love you too," I said. "Who else do you love?"
"I love ... Lucy!"
Yes, she means Lucy Ricardo. Guess what her favorite episode was, though she only saw it once? "I wanna watch superhero Lucy!" she pleads.
And here are some random, blurry cell phone pictures:

I've been seeing a lot of this face lately

Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike PlayDoh? It is relegated to the kitchen if playing with it outside is just not an option!


Rhonda said...

Yay! Love the pics, glad it stopped snowing, won't hold it against you if you like daylight saving time.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I like play-do better than clay. I like March better than October.

POP POP POP said...

Enjoy reading your blog about my greatgrand daughters

I wish my other grand daughters-in-laws would write about their childrens

Chrissy said...

Your girls are just so cute. I love how you document really well all of the little things they say. I need to do that more with T! Time is flyin' and I want to remember all of those precious things. : )