March 9, 2013

Snow Day

When I woke up yesterday morning, it was snowing.

I was totally surprised. Normally I keep an eye on what the weather is going to do but this one caught me completely off-guard. I figured it would stop soon ... nope, it went on for most of the day, and then turned to rain.

The Boogie's friend T came over to spend the day with us, and off and on one of the kids would ask, "Can we go play in the snow?"

Here's the problem with kids going outside to play in the snow: it means I have to go outside, too. I am decidedly not a fan of being cold in any variation. So I kept putting them off and putting them off ... Finally I remembered seeing this idea and thought, bingo! That's what we'll do! (Check out that blog if you have littles, it's full of wonderful ideas.) T's daddy picked him up after naps so he didn't get to play with the snow -- wish I'd thought of it sooner so he could have had a chance, too.

The girls were occupied for quite a bit while I made dinner. Because it really wasn't all that cold outside, the snow was the perfect moldable consistency.

The girls kept complaining that their hands were cold. I'd encourage them to take a break so they could warm up, but they were powerless to resist the draw of snow on the dining room table.

What a great idea! For sure we will do this again, though hopefully not THIS winter. I don't want to see any more snow!


Kali said...

What a great idea!

POP POP POP said...

Hopefully my great grand children will get to enjoy the art of sledding which is one of my favorite memories of winter and snow

Rhonda said...

Man, your snow day lasts a long time.