March 5, 2013


It's here, at last! Only fourteen days until spring!

It occurred to me last night that winter is the only season I dread coming, eagerly anticipate ending, and rejoice to leave behind.

I think that last sentence is grammatically correct. I had to pick it apart:
Winter is the only season I dread coming.
Winter is the only season I eagerly anticipate ending.
Winter is the only season I rejoice to leave behind.

Yes, I think that's right, though rather cumbersome.

Cumbersome! What a great word.

I like words.

Signs of spring make me happy. I planted daffodil bulbs last fall and they started poking their heads up a few weeks ago. I thought it was too early but after asking around it seems not. I can.not.wait for them to bloom! I bought some tulips last week and they are just so beautiful.
Daffodils and tulips are two of my favorite flowers. I think it's because they mean spring to me. I also love peonies! I think I might try to plant some this year. I've been hearing more birds singing. The onion grass is starting to grow too. There are tufts of green grass all over the brown yard, which makes the lawn look like it needs a haircut. Hmm, "lawn" sounds too manicured. I don't think we have a lawn. It's just a yard.

The weather has been decent -- not much rain the past week or so, and temperatures climbing into the forties most days. We got to walk six days in a row last week! We're supposed to get some rain, possibly snow (blech) in a day or two, but by the weekend and beginning of next week the forecast is showing temperatures in the fifties.

I am also very excited about Daylight Savings Time. Losing an hour on Sunday is a bummer but I love the longer days. 

I hosted a baby celebration on Saturday. We didn't shower the mother-to-be with gifts, as it is the second baby and they have almost everything they need. Instead the ladies at church contributed generously for a gift card, just like they did for me when I was expecting Peabody. We ate lots of food, played a few games, and I gave a short devotional (which I felt totally ill-equipped for!) We had amazing cupcakes from a local cupcakery:

They were delicious! Overall I think it went very well. I was delighted that so many ladies were able to come, and that thirteen women were able to squeeze into my tiny living/dining room. It was described to me as "cozy" which I think I like better than "tiny." Ha!

Eric took the girls over to 52 where they hung out with FIL and watched Toy Story 3. Mama Dog got to go, too. She was so excited to go somewhere. She is a total spaz when she sees us with her leash. Trying to put her harness on is sometimes harder than diapering a wiggly baby.

Having people over forces me to do things that otherwise get put off forever. Like moving those Christmas decorations I decided to donate which have been sitting on the living room bookshelf for almost two months. And using a Magic Eraser on the backs of doors that were covered with smudgy fingerprints. And clean all the crumbs off the chair under Peabody's booster seat. You know, stuff like that.

I also dusted the living room. That is to say, I got out my two Swiffer duster wand thingies and waited for Thing One and Thing Two to notice. Sure enough, they immediately asked to help. They dusted almost the whole room by themselves. I only had to do the high spots. While she was working the Boogie asked, "Honey, do you dust twice a year?" I told her yes, something like that! So that means I don't have to dust again until September, right? AWESOME.


Kali said...

We're seeing signs of spring here too! Sunshine, bulbs starting to sprout...ahhh...makes me happy!

Those cupcakes look delicious!

Chrissy said...

I love how you got out your dusters and waited for "Thing One and Thing Two" to notice. : ) haha

And your devotion at the shower was lovely.....very encouraging and it made my heart overflow with thankfulness for this little one that we have the privilege of bringing into our family. : )

POP POP POP said...

We have spring flowers starting to come up here in Claymont