April 19, 2013


You guys. The status of my house is stressing me out. I'm so over tools in the living room and a Bagster in the driveway. I look at dusty furniture and think that I really, really need to do something about that ... but I can't bring myself to start because one thing will surely lead to another and the next thing I know my bedroom will be all torn apart and I won't have taught school or gone for a walk or cleaned the kitchen.

To Do lists are my friends. I like to break tasks down into small pieces so I don't get overwhelmed, and also so that at the end of the day it looks like I did a LOT. Also if I do something that's not on the list, I write it on the list so that I can cross it off.

I did undust the living room which was the worst room. I took before and after pics of the piano -- since it is directly down the hall from the bathroom it got the worst of the dust.

But the whole living room pretty much looked like that. So yeah. That was fun to clean.

The bathroom is primed and I painted the ceiling last night. The plan was to start getting color on the walls today but my back hurts and I'm skeered to make it worse. I might wait a day and see how I feel. Meanwhile the tub is usable! It's nice to be able to bathe the girls at home. Eric and I still go shower at 52. Once the walls are painted we can put the shower curtain back up which will be fantastic ... hmm, maybe I'll take my chances and paint today after all ... I can always go to the chiropractor, right?

The Boogie's birthday is coming up. Five has been a good age. Last night she got all teary about turning six. She said she doesn't want to turn six because she likes five and also because five is her favorite number. She's getting so big and learning so much and taking on more responsibility, but I forget that really she's still just a little girl. We had lunch with the office last week to celebrate the doctor's 65th birthday. His cake had a six candle and a five candle on it. The Boogie was across the table from him so the numbers were backwards to her. "Hey!" she exclaimed excitedly, "I'm going from five to six too!" Of course he gave her the candles after he blew them out, and then he gave her the 3-foot-tall numeral balloons too.

Both girls had dentist appointments the other day. No cavities, praise the Lord, although Peabody has some spots on two molars that the dentist is going to watch. That's exactly how the Boogie's cavities started. *sigh* The Boogie had a panoramic x-ray to check on some things and it looks like she has one possibly abnormal adult tooth, and no adult teeth in a couple of other places. It won't matter for a few years but it's a bummer.

I took a funny video of Peabody and when I was looking for it on the memory card I found this one:

And this is the other one.

She cracks me up.

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