April 19, 2013

The Mama and the Boogie Get Their Hairs Cut

The Boogie has been asking for a year to have her hair cut short like her cousin EK. I was decidedly against it. I loved her long hair and determined that as long as I was the one washing, combing, brushing, and braiding it, I got to be the one who decided how long it would be. My love for it has faded greatly over the past few months. As pretty as it was, well, the tangles just weren't worth it. And I couldn't ever make it look nice and stay looking nice. Stray wisps fell out of every braid and ponytail and hung into her face. So a little while ago, I told her that she could get it cut for her birthday on one condition: she had to have enough cut off to donate.

She started to have some second thoughts over the last few days but I was determined, and really hyped it up. By the time we got to the salon she was giddy and giggling with excitement! All along it has been my plan to donate my hair as well.

She doesn't look happy! But she actually was.


I love the look on her face
She manned the camera while I had my turn.

She also took a lot of self-portraits, and apparently at one point had someone take a picture of her! I couldn't see her while I was having my hair cut but could hear her giggling and talking. Every now and then I'd catch her reflection in a mirror as she talked to the receptionist.


Her donation ponytails are about 11 inches long, and mine are about 8. I think hers could have been longer had they been gathered together a little differently before cutting. But 11 inches is pretty good!

At bedtime after we prayed she asked, "Can I just go get a drink of water and look in the mirror?" One final look before sleep. We're both very happy with our new 'dos.


Rhonda Smith said...

You guys rock!

Dear Abbi said...

Cute, cute!!

Rhonda said...

Lovely! I remember the day we did that for Naomi. Well worth the no more tears.

Kali said...

Looks great!