April 15, 2013


Spring is here, for realz. The air is warmer. The grass is green and growing. Trees, bushes, and flowers are budding and blooming.

People are sneezing. Their noses are dripping. And their eyes are watering.

At least that's what's going on around here, anyway, plus some post-nasal-drip-related coughing.

Still, I'd rather have warmer temperatures and flowers, even if it means dealing with allergies. My Pops will tell me to take bee pollen, so I'll have to find some. I should have started taking it a month ago ... but it was still winter a month ago, so I didn't think about it then.

It's nice to go out without winter coats. It's really nice to wear flip-flops sometimes. It's lovely to open windows and air out the house.

Soon it will be hot and humid and everyone will be complaining about that. I really try not to, though. I figure if I'm going to gripe about cold and dry, I should enjoy warm and muggy.

There continues to be bathroom progress. Plumbing is completely done, all walls are sheet-rocked, and seams and nail holes have been taped and mudded and sanded and mudded and sanded and mudded. I bought paint! It's so pretty. But I'm not going to tell you what color it is. The suspense is killing you, right? I'll give you a hint: it's similar to a color we've already used somewhere else in the house.

Now that the majority of the sanding is over, I suppose I should finally do some undusting around here. Construction has totally ruined my dust-twice-a-year plan. It's pretty bad around here. Don't tell anyone, okay? Okay.

Here is Peabody in a dress that I brought home from Warshington last fall. My mom had saved all of the dresses she and my Mamaw made for me and Auntie Vee. I'm pretty sure Mamaw made this dress for my sister; Peabody was delighted to wear an "Auntie Vee" dress!

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