April 10, 2013


The girls are finishing dinner. Peabody begins to whine, "I no like dis 'tuff," poking at her eggs. "My tummy feel yucky."
The Boogie cleans her plate and asks for more biscuits and gravy.
"I wan' candy," Peabody announces.
"You can't have candy if your tummy hurts," the Boogie informs her.
"Honey, can I have candy?" Peabody asks.
"Does your tummy hurt?" I ask. She says it does. "You can't have candy if your tummy hurts," I tell her.
"Honey, my tummy feel all better!" she exclaims. "It not hurt anymore!"
"Oh, now it doesn't hurt," the Boogie rolls her eyes, "I guess she was just full of it."

The bathroom project is coming along. I will post pictures when it's all done. Eric should finish the plumbing tonight and install the last piece of shower surround. The walls are already 3/4 sheet-rocked, with only one wall to go (side note: I can't get used to calling it sheet rock. I've always called it drywall. Is this a regional thing?) I should be able to paint early next week, and then we can have the floor installed! It's going more slowly than I had hoped, but you know what they say ... double any estimate of time and money. Thankfully the money part hasn't been true ...

The toilet is still installed, so we've been able to stay here. Once again I'm thankful for family living nearby so we don't have to go far to shower. I'm very excited about a brand-new, never-been-used-by-anyone-else tub and shower. I keep telling the Boogie that I'm going to sleep in the new tub. "Honey!" she exclaims, as if she knows I'm not really going to sleep in the tub but she's not entirely sure that I won't. Maybe I will.

Since I'm going to be painting the bathroom and some door and window trim, and need to do some touching up in other places, I'm sort of tempted to do an accent wall or two. I don't know, though. I might do the necessary stuff and be all painted out.

The weather has warmed up beautifully this week with temperatures rising into the eighties. Today was lovely and warm but I can already tell a big difference from this afternoon, and tomorrow we're back to the sixties again. But hey, I'll take sixty-ish degree weather over the snow they're getting in other parts of the country. We're finally seeing some buds and blooms, too. And my daffodils! They are so cheery. I don't seem to have a picture of them. I should take one before they start to die! I should have planted tulips too, maybe I'll do that this fall.

Springtime and warmer weather makes me want to clean and purge. Now I just have to decide whether to have another yard sale or just make some more donations. Decisions, decisions ...

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