February 18, 2009

Don't Ask Me Any Hard Questions

The Boogie threw a major fit at five o'clock this morning when I wouldn't give her what she wanted. She ended up in bed with me and we both finally went to back to sleep around 6:30. I am sniffly and sneezy today (though not as sneezy as I was yesterday.) Thankfully the most intensive thing I had to do today was fold five loads of laundry. I did work out for about thirty minutes and contemplated putting on pj's after my shower but since it was only 5 pm managed to resist the call of comfortable pink-plaid flannel.

I've been playing around with the camera settings. The more I learn about it the more I like it! I figured out how to downsize the videos and the pictures so that they aren't HUGE all of the time. Blogger still won't let me upload a video. I'll keep tryin' ... another day. My pictures are mostly of the same subject. Please ignore any boogers. You will remember that Boogie is short for booger, and that is for good reason.

When I lived at home (by that I mean with my parents, before I got married), every Valentine's Day my mom would give each of us a small box of Sweethearts. Today we got a package in the mail with a little box of Sweethearts for the Boogie and a big bag of hearts for me and My Man. Since I hit up the candy clearance aisle at Target last night, we are well-stocked with small sugary hearts! The Boogie has been enjoying them with me. "Mama? Can'ee? More, please, can'ee." She's a polite little thing.

There was probably going to be more to this post but whatever it was has been absorbed back into my brain.

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