February 15, 2009

One Hundred Fifty

I can't believe that this is my 150th post! I'm so excited!

This morning I sang a special at church. I took the Boogie up on the platform with me and before my song I sang "Jesus Loves Me" and tried to get her to sing it with me. She was a little disconcerted by all the people staring at her and she wouldn't sing. She also got very shy and did her bent-head-looking-out-from-under-the-eyebrows thing that made me want to laugh and my voice got all shaky. My Man told me later that he thought I was about to cry but really I was trying not to laugh. When I finished "Jesus Loves Me" everyone applauded and I handed the Boogie to her daddy and continued with my song. I figure if we take her up with us every time we sing, she will get used to it at an early age. She loves to sing so much, there's no reason why she can't be a blessing in church! Maybe next time she'll remember the applause and will actually sing along.

When we were dismissed for Junior church the Boogie went with me into my class for a few minutes. She saw the older children eating pretzels so I let her have one. The other children were remembering their manners and saying, "thank you, Rachel," (they are supposed to call me Miss Rachel but that's a continual work in progress; it's confusing to them because HJ is in there and to her I'm supposed to be Aunt Rachel. I think they all give up after a while and just call me by my first name alone.) So what did the Boogie do? I handed her a pretzel and she said, " 'ank you, Kay-kal." She always adds the name when thanking someone. If we don't respond right away she repeats it until we do. So it's, "thank you, Mama," or "thank you, Daddy," all the time at home. It took a couple of repeats for me to realize that she was saying my name, just like the other kids! She's been calling me that all day. It went from Kay-kal to Ray-kal to Ray-cho and back to Ray-kal again. I think it's so cute that I don't always correct her right away. Next thing we know she'll be calling both of us "babe" since that's what we call each other!

Last night we had dinner at 52 so we ate our Valentine's dinner for lunch today: linguine alfredo with shrimp. Mmmmm, shrimp. I like to say it with an Italian accent in my head: lin-GWEEN-eh al-FRAID-o with SHRIMPS. It was delish. Then I took a nice nap. I love naps, you know. I love sleeping. I'm going to go do some of that right now. Ciao!


Melissa said...

Hey Rachel, I love reading your posts - they're always interesting.

No No Nanette said...

when my son was 2 he would call us whatever those around him were calling us. When his cousins were over, we were Uncle Adam and Cioci (Polish for aunt) Nan. It would crack us up:)

It will be so neat when you both actually do sing together in church.

Happy 150th!