February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Guess what we did to celebrate? Nothing! Ha! We joked around about going to the store, choosing cards for each other, exchanging them and reading them in the store, and putting them back ... but we didn't even do that. I am planning an excursion to Target next week for clearanced candy, however. Maybe I'll find a clearanced card and surprise My Man with it.

Today I accomplished two things: I filed our taxes, and I balanced the checkbook. The taxes I intended to do last week so I'm pleased with myself that I'm only a week behind on that project. The checkbook was a long, drawn-out process as I was transferring from a paper register to Quicken and I made lots and lots of mistakes but I finally got it finished and it balanced! Praise the Lord. Whew. Am I glad to be finished with that. Hopefully Quicken will make keeping track of finances much easier. I am the kind of person who must know where the money is going and how much there is of it. I can't just go by our checking account balance. The very thought fills me with horror. I simply cannot do it. Anyway, finishing those two things made me feel like I really accomplished something.

When HE was here we put her in the Boogie's old crib, a small portable one that folds up. I didn't put it away and yesterday the Boogie begged to be put in it. Once she was in she needed everything out of her big crib: "Binky? Burpie? Pee-low? George [Curious George doll]? Pooh? Blankie?" With everything around her she was satisfied ... for five minutes. Then she wanted out. Then in again. Then out again. Finally I lowered the side and showed her how to get in herself. She hasn't figured out how to climb out but at least she is only bothering us half the time now. This afternoon as I walked by her room I saw her in her big crib. "Babe," I called to My Man, "did you put her in her crib?" He hadn't. He lifted her out and asked her, "Can you get in?" and she could! At naptime I told her, "Time to go night-night, go get in bed." She trotted right into her room, threw her burpie in the big crib, climbed over the rail, stuck a binky in her mouth, and lay down. She was very pleased with herself.

I know I promised the story of how I surprised My Man. I haven't forgotten about it. I'm simply too tired to pull my thoughts together for that story. I will soon, though! G'night, y'all.

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