February 9, 2009

Girls Always Go To The Bathroom In Pairs

The Boogie has started accompanying me to the bathroom. "Go po'ee?" she asks. If I mention that I need to "go potty" she leads the way. " 'om on," she says as she heads down the hall, " 'om on, Mama. Go po'ee." See? It's true. Girls do always go to the bathroom in pairs, and it starts this young. It's how we're wired, y'all.

My Man and I went to the Philadelphia International Auto Show on Saturday. It was a perfectly beautiful, springlike day. We took the train into Philly and walked around the convention center for several hours. It was our fourth annual trip -- the first time we went was in 2006. Our wedding was two months away and I had flown out to NJ to surprise My Man (I certainly did surprise him but that's a story for another day.) That first trip we checked out all the cool cars and trucks that people with no children are interested in. The second time we went I was seven months pregnant and from that trip on we checked out all the family-friendly vehicles. Every year we like different ones. This year I picked out this one:
I think we could fit a couple of car seats in the back, don't you? But if a Rolls Royce is a little beyond our price range I might be persuaded to settle for this:Then I'll just starting having lots of babies so we can be like the Gilbreths:
The Boogie spent Saturday with her friend DiDi, her Mom Mom and Pop Pop, and her Auntie (SIL3). Auntie took her out shopping and to Arby's for dinner where the Boogie was completely uninterested in her popcorn chicken or curly fries because for the first time in her short life she had a cup of soda all to herself. To make it even better, she got to drink it through a straw. Though it was caffeine-free the sugar in it kept her up later that usual that night, but what's the fun of shopping with your Auntie if you can't indulge in a little Sierra Mist every now and then?

Sunday was even more beautiful than Saturday. Open all the windows! Let the fresh air in! It was a heavenly taste of Spring. Come soon, Spring. I am waiting for you.


SweetGirl00God said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! :)

Cove Girl said...

That looks like the car from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". That looks like a fun tradition.

Wendy Glosser said...

I thought Sierra Mist was caffeinated :-) And could you please post about that surprising your man moment 2 months before you got married? I remember being told you were going to do that...never heard about the results. :-)