February 22, 2009

Poor Sick Boogie

My poor baby. She is so sick. She developed a fever and started coughing yesterday. At 3 o'clock this morning she woke up so hot, shaking and teeth chattering and everything. :( We stripped her down and cooled her off but the fever has persisted throughout today, and so has the coughing. However, she is pretty happy! Isn't that strange? I'm not complaining, believe me. She occasionally wants to snuggle for a bit and she prefers to be close by us. If we're on the couch, she wants to be on the couch, etc., but she doesn't need to be held all the time. I know it would be different if she had sinus congestion. That always makes her miserable. I'm praying that she'll feel much better in the morning.

As for me, I was sicker on Thursday than I did on Wednesday and felt progressively worse as the day went on. My Man took the Boogie to church with him and I got to take a nice long relaxing bath. I slept well that night and felt much better by morning, which was good because ...

...on Friday I got to meet up with a fellow mom from the April 2007 babies birth board that I'm part of! She and her family were here in Jersey for a week. They live in Kansas but are originally from here and came out to visit family. It was so nice of them to take time out of their probably too-short week to see us. We met at Chick-fil-a where the little girls played and we moms chatted for a couple of hours. She also has a cute 3 1/2 month old baby boy whom the Boogie ADORED. She would go right up to his face and talk to him and he would smile at her ... it was so cute! I had a wonderful time and am so glad we got to go. I did take pics but don't like to post pictures of other people on my blog without their okay, so you will have to imagine it in your head: a clean Chick-fil-a play area, two toddler girls playing together nicely, two moms chatting, and a chunky baby smiling and cooing at everything.

Friday night was our ladies' meeting. There was some delish food there and we played a game where each lady or girl had to write down five things about her husband, or father if she wasn't married, that described him. The descriptions were read aloud and we had to guess whose they were. Then we had to say something that we loved about our husbands (or dads.) I told about a little conversation that My Man and I sometimes have that goes like this:
Me: I love you!
My Man: I love you back.
Me: Well, I love you more.
My Man: Well, I loved you first.
I love starting that conversation cuz I like when he tells me that he loved me first. It's true. He was twitter-pated after just a few weeks of talking on the phone. :)

At the ladies meeting Mrs. G told us a quote she heard on the radio and I thought it was so good: "A father is a daughter's first love and a son's first hero." I know that my Pops was my first love! He was (and still is) so affectionate and made me feel so special. He was definitely the man in my life till I met My Man. I hope that My Man will be that for the Boogie, too. I think he will.

Yesterday was my one-Saturday-a-month recepting ... receptioning ... receptionisting ... (take your pick) at work and I came home to a sick Boogie. This morning My Man stayed home with her while I went to church since I had to teach Junior Church. Tonight is my turn to stay home. The Boogie is down for a super-late nap which I'm sure I'll regret when we're both up until midnight tonight, but I know she needs the sleep for her body to heal. Lots of people at church are sick. Oh, well, 'tis the season, you know.

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nene8200 said...

Oh, the poor baby! I'll be praying for her! (BTW, I thought it was
awfully sweet regarding you & your hubby's lil' game...And about you &
your Pop's relationship!)