September 11, 2010

4 Months Old

Today is the Phebis' birthday, sort of. How can this baby be four months old already?

Her one and only gift was a cold from her sister. Lovely. I got one, too, and it's not even my birthday.

This has been a weird week. Monday was Labor Day so My Man and I were both off from work which made it feel like it was Saturday. All day I kept reminding myself to go over my Sunday school lesson for the next day which I thought would be Sunday. So confusing. Then I worked on Tuesday so that felt like Monday. Wednesday night after work My Man and DiDi met me at church and we finished decorating my classroom; Thursday night was the first night of VBS; Friday I worked in the morning instead of the afternoon, just to throw me off a little bit more; Friday evening was the second night of VBS; and this morning finished it all up. I think it went pretty well. The kids seemed to have fun. I did take pictures which I will post later. Tooooo tired ...

Tomorrow really is Sunday which I hope will reset my mental calendar. I also hope the Phebis goes to sleep soon so I can too. I also hope she sleeps better than she did last night. Poor baby can't breathe through her nose.
Question: How's a tiny girl to suck her thumb if she can't breathe through her nose?
Answer: Her mother must sleep sitting up on the couch holding the baby in an upright position which will clear her sinuses enough that she can suck her thumb. The mother will not get much sleep but at least the baby will not cry. Much.

So much for blogging every day. It would have been boring anyway. I recapped the whole week in one paragraph, right?

My Man has been counting calories for about two weeks and has lost five pounds! He is excited and I'm happy for him. His goal is to lose fourteen more pounds ... then set another goal. Baby steps.

And lastly, a Boogie story. Yesterday morning she came into the bathroom while I was getting ready for work.
"Did you have a nice sleep?" I asked her. "Did you have some dreams?"
"Yes," she said, "I dreamed about God. And the sun comed up and God waked me up. And the germs got me and I sneezed and God said 'Cover with your elbow' but I didn't and then I turned on the light and God said 'Turn off the light for Phebis' so I did. That's just what I did."


LydiaRose~ said...

aww! cute little dream!!!

Engrafted Lives said...

I'm telling you, you need to write a book. I look forward to your weekly stories from the Boogie. Just way to cute!!

Jersey Mama said...

Oh but this is my book! I can (and plan to) have it printed and bound from time to time.