September 2, 2010


Nothing special about today.

Actually, it's payday! That's always special.

I'm typing with one hand while holding the Phebis with the other. It's taking forever to type this way.

That makes me thankful for two working, usable hands!

I took both girls shopping today for VBS craft supplies and other things. We were in and out of the car a lot. They both did fantastically. Is that a word? Even the Phebis didn't protest at being in her car seat for a couple of hours straight.

What did parents do before infant carrier car seats?

I remember the car seat my siblings used. Maybe I used it too. It was vinyl-covered and smelled funny ... vinyley. So comfy, I'm sure. Car seats have come a long way.

The Phebis is very drooly. I hope that does not mean that teeth are impending, like impending doom.

I hope that she decides to go to sleep soon ...

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

I remember the time when car seats were not mandatory. It was around the time Sara was a baby. I can't imagine holding an innocent baby in the front seat of a car, mile after mile after mile and not thinking a thing of it. But there WAS a time that people did that.