September 25, 2010

The "P" Word

The Boogie has a new favorite word. It starts with "p". Can you guess what it is?


No, not Poppop (sorry, Poppop.)

Not Pops (sorry, Pops.)

Not Phebis. Or popcorn. Or pony. Or pizza.

Think more ... juvenile-y. Think like a preschooler.

It's POOP.

She'll hear a word that sounds like it and say "Poopy? Did you say poopy?" and go off into gales of laughter. She'll replace words in songs (usually Bible songs since that's what she sings all the time) with "poop" and collapse in hysterical giggles. What IS it about that word that kids think is so funny? I don't get it.

MIL is away for a couple of weeks so I've taken a couple of days off work and My Man has taken a couple of afternoons off; SILs 1 and 2 have agreed to keep the Phebis for a couple of afternoons as well while I work. SIL1 had her on Wednesday and took some pictures of her. They turned out so cute!


The Phebis is getting to a fun age. She is very smiley and drooly. She coos and squeals and shrieks and laughs. She likes to be startled sometimes, like if I look away from her for a moment then turn back quickly and say "boo!" It makes her laugh. She is gaining a lot more control of her movement and I noticed this week that when she kicks her legs it is purposeful rather than reflexive. She is rolling a lot, especially during diaper changes, and gets up on her hands and knees and rocks furiously then lunges forward. She loves to be in the walker -- this past week she has started getting around pretty well on the hard floors. We pile toys on the walker tray and she chews on them until they are soaked.

Her sleep has been improving somewhat. For a long time she was going to bed really late at night and nothing we were doing was helping her go to sleep any earlier. She was getting overtired every single evening. I started waking her a little bit earlier every few days in hopes that it would gradually move her bedtime back but it just wasn't working. Then when she got sick I let her sleep as late as she wanted every morning for a few days and surprisingly she started go to sleep earlier at night! Now she is waking during the night to eat one time but sleeping 11-12 hours instead of only 8 or 9. Plus she is MUCH happier during the day and is able to get in the right number of naps. We're still working out the kinks and sometimes we still have a rough night but overall things are much improved. Aaaaand I hope I didn't just jinx myself by writing about it.

We've had some encouraging news about the little white house. We were waiting on a letter from the EPA in order to move forward, and that letter arrived this week. The new oil tank has been installed and the hole from the underground tank has been filled. Some painting needed to be done due (a requirement by the FHA) and My Man went over there on Thursday and today to take care of that. We are hopefully on track to close next Thursday! We are cautiously excited -- we know that things could still fall through. Today while My Man was painting I put the girls in the stroller and walked over there with DiDi. It was exciting to be there and to think that maybe, just maybe, we'll have the keys by this time next week!


Homeschooling Mama said...

Cute pics... Your girls are getting so big.

Meleah said...

I don't know what it is about that word. Ours weren't allowed to talk about it outside the bathroom, so when they'd go to the bathroom they'd say it a lot. Unfortunately some people, who I will refrain from naming, never grow out of it and it's quite embarrassing. I'll be cautiously excited with you about the house and pray hard this week! Maybe your mother in law going away this week is God's way of re-adjusting you to life where it's mostly you there with your little ones again:) Ya never know.

Engrafted Lives said...

This too shall pass.....