September 5, 2010

Changing Leaves

August turned to September and literally overnight I started seeing changing leaves everywhere. I do mean overnight, because one day I drove down a stretch of road and the trees were green, and the next day one tree was brilliantly red. It seems so early this year ... I really hoped our summer would last just a teeeeeeny bit longer. The nights have been cool and the last couple of days have been lovely.

I had hopes of blogging every day this month and already missed a day! So how about this: I will post every weekday and any weekend blogging will be a bonus. That seems like a good plan.

Yesterday My Man worked in the morning and then we met Mr. B and Miss A for lunch. We haven't seen them since right before Christmas. I really ought to change them to Mr. and Mrs. B since they are married now. Oh well. We met them at Chili's and as we were walking in the Boogie wanted to know, "Why's that big pepper on the roof?"
It was fun to have lunch and catch up.

This morning was my turn to sing a special in church. I practiced during the week with the Boogie and we sang "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam." She sang out nice and clear and her little voice was so sweet and I got all choked up and could hardly sing. My Man led a congregational hymn right afterward and he was all choked up and could hardly sing. What is it about your children doing things like that that makes you cry? To my regret I did not even think to take the camera and have someone take a video. For the record she sings "Jesus wants me for a sunBEAN" although I do not think it was noticeable to anyone except me.

She found a guitar stand in the rooms we are occupying here at 52. She opens it up, lays a burpie over it, stands on a stool behind the stand as if it's a microphone and says, "Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! It's time for the show!" and proceeds to perform song after song for me or the Phebis or her imaginary friends.

One of the Phebis' toys is a stuffed caterpillar that plays music (or as the Boogie says, a callapater that plays use-mic.) It plays a few bars from Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik which the Boogie sings and hums all the time and makes up words to.

Her favorite stories right now are "The Three Bears" which she pretty much knows by heart and can tell to us, and "Three Little Pigs." Unrelated to that (I think), the other day she informed me that she was going to hibernate for the winter.

The Phebis' motor skills are improving. She can grasp a small toy and bring it to her mouth to chew on. She tries to suck her thumb while she eats which I find to be hilarious.

This week is vacation Bible school. Because summer is over and real school has started or is starting this week, we are having an abbreviated version of Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday morning. This year I am teaching for the first time. Tomorrow with DiDi's help I will work on decorating my classroom. I'm not very creative so I'm hoping that it turns out okay. Good or bad I will post pictures afterward!


Mrs. Mobunny said...

You live in such a beautiful area! Enjoy the season. I enjoy reading about your days as a wife and mommy.

LydiaRose~ said...

I sure wish the leaves down here were changing colors. I'm very looking forward to it being cold.