December 21, 2010


Last night after work I did a little bit of Christmas shopping. As I was leaving I started to pull out of the parking lot onto a busy road but stopped because a car was coming.

The lady behind me didn't stop.

She was watching for oncoming traffic and thought it was clear enough to go and forgot I was in front of her.

She started to accelerate but my car stopped her.

I was leaning forward in order to see the oncoming cars and hit my head on, of all things, my sunglasses stuck in my visor.

For a moment I was dazed and confused. I held my head in my hands for a few seconds because it HURT. Then I wondered if I should pull over, but there was no shoulder. Then the lady was tapping on my window yelling, "Are you hurt? Do I need to call 911?" But I was okay and I turned on my hazards and got out to check my bumper. Just a couple little round circles where her license plate had hit it. The lady apologized over and over. Cars were backing up behind us and starting to honk, so we both got in our cars and left. I was a little shaken for a few minutes and I had a killer headache most of the rest of the night.

But ...

Praise the Lord I was wearing my seatbelt.
Praise the Lord the girls weren't with me. I would have been very upset if they were with me.
Praise the Lord that lady didn't push me out into traffic.
Praise the Lord my car wasn't damaged.

You know, I've almost done the same thing that driver did, started to pull out onto a road not realizing someone was in front of me. Thankfully I haven't hit anyone. It's a good reminder to be extra careful while driving, especially this time of year when so many people are out and about, and it gets dark so early, and weather can be nasty.

My head feels okay today, just a little sore where it hit the glasses. Who knew a pair of cheap sunglasses could give a person such a headache?

Praise the Lord for His protection. He is good! today and always.


Rhonda said...

Wow, go see your employer for an adjustment.

Chrissy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you are ok! Car accidents are such a scary thing...really shakes you up! Hopefully you will heal quickly and be all better by Christmas. :o)

Jersey Mama said...

I really am okay. She didn't hit me very hard, I wouldn't have even hit my head if I hadn't been leaning forward. But it's times like these (among many other times) that I am thankful to work where I do. ;)

LydiaRose~ said...

Glad you're ok :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

OH NO! Glad your girls weren't with you, too.