December 2, 2010

Hello, World

I have been MIA but we finally have the interwebz at our house. It is a long story to which I will spare you the details (for now.) Just a word to the wise: if you are a business and want to keep your customers, give them good customer service.

Meanwhile we checked email and Facebook whenever we were at 52; however it is not a substitute for being able to get online whenever you think "Oh no! I need to renew the library movies!" or wonder if something is available to order and get here by Christmas.

The girlies are doing fine and dandy in the new house. Phebis started crawling the week after we moved in (the Boogie started walking the week after we moved into our old apartment; it must be something about needing to explore new surroundings!)

Our living room finally has a couch and some real chairs in it, as opposed to a bunch of boxes stacked everywhere. There are still quite a few boxes left to unpack but we're getting to them, little by little. Other projects are getting finished as well. MIL came over the other day and helped me paint the laundry room, and I've spent a couple of late nights painting my hall closet. Things are coming along! Soon we will get a Christmas tree.

Lastly, here is something cute to start your day off right.


Chuck said...

Welcome back to Cyber-Space.

Buzandjoy said...

Verizon is evil....

Jenn said...

Hellooooo Rachel!