January 12, 2011

Blainder and Blonder

The Boogie has imaginary friends. She has two babies named Johnny and Jack that she takes care of, and Blainder and Blonder are twins who have made a recent appearance.

"Are they twins, like Johnny and Jack?" I asked her once.
"No!" she insisted. "Johnny and Jack are babies. Blainder and Blonder are just ... guys."
"Oh, twin guys?" I said. She thought about that for a minute.
"Yes," she replied firmly. "Twin guys."
When she talks you can hear the italics.

Today she found me and said, "This is Blainder. He's really dead."
"Oh no!" I said, "What are we going to do?"
"Well, we have to put him in jail."
"He's dead so we have to put him in jail?" I asked.
"Yeah, he's one of the really bad ones."
I truly do not know where she comes up with this stuff. I promise we don't let her watch things about people dying or going to jail.

The Phebis is hives-free. Tooth #6 has made its appearance. I finished unpacking toys and setting up the playroom (pictures of furnished rooms to come soon!) and she loves it! I put baby toys at baby level and she frequently disappears in there to bang rattles and chew on blocks and strew board books all over the floor.

We have a closet in the living room. It's right by the front door. Inside the closet, which doesn't have any doors at the present time, is a shoe rack. Phebis is magnetically drawn to shoes which grosses me out since they are all kinds of dirty. Also that is our entryway and I figure the floor isn't too clean, so we have a barricade to keep her away from that general area. The barricade consists of different things at different times; currently it is the ottoman from my glider/rocker and her carseat. Today while I was at work I received this picture via text message:
She is a determined little monkey. Of course it was only a matter of time before she figured out that she could crawl under the table, anyway.

We got about six more inches of snow last night. It is only the second week in January and I have seen enough snow to last me until next January, thankyouverymuch. Now it's windy and cold cold cold.

Only 68 days until spring!

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

We probably have only 30 days until Spring...........or less, my bulb plants are already blooming.